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The Ludwiggian script uses only 18 characters

The Ludwiggian script is an ancient script that is in use by Saxon groups in South Cibola, most notably in Sankt Ludwigshafen. In the past it saw use in Walstadt as well, but use of the script in Walstadt has declined since the Natopian annexation. The script is written using 18 characters, of which 5 are vowels, there are no capital letters. Punctuation marks are scarce in the language, though it is common that the first word in a sentence is underlined. Commas and points are frequently found in documents written using the script, but are considered to be an Alexandrianism, that is a foreign influence from the time the Empire of the Alexandrians ruled over the Ludwiggian territories, or an Alriggianism, from the period of Alriggian rule.


Ludwiggian letter Common letter(s)
Ludwiggian a.png A
Ludwiggian b.png B
Ludwiggian c.png C, K
Ludwiggian d.png D
Ludwiggian e.png E
Ludwiggian v.png F, V
Ludwiggian h.png H
Ludwiggian i.png I
Ludwiggian j.png J
Ludwiggian l.png L
Ludwiggian m.png M
Ludwiggian n.png N
Ludwiggian o.png O
Ludwiggian p.png P
Ludwiggian r.png R
Ludwiggian s.png S,Z
Ludwiggian t.png T
Ludwiggian u.png U