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Royston Anders

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Royston Anders
Royston Anders.png
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Biographical information
Date of birth 1630
Date of death 1718

Royston Anders (born 1630 AN). Lord in Shireroth, belonging to the Simrani-Kalirion branch of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion.

He is the son of Frederik Anders (died 1632 AN) and Miranda Simrani-Kalirion (1604 AN1653 AN). Fostered into the household of Thorgils Tarjeisson, Arandur of Alalehzamin (1639 AN). Squired for Adam Anushiruwân during the assize conducted in Angularis (1639 AN1640 AN). Trained as a page in the service of the Kaiser Dominus. Continued education in Imperial service whilst held as a de-facto political hostage at the Imperial Court until the Oustfest Massacre (1644 AN). Service in the Palatini Corps of the Imperial Forces. Served on the command staff of Waldemar Zinkgraven during the War of Lost Brothers (1653 AN1656 AN). Present at the Battle of the Diwangdao (1653 AN). Palatine Legate of the Scholae Sathrati (1656 AN1658 AN). Prefect of the Military Government in Westpoint (1656 AN1665 AN).

Appointed Director for Market Intelligence of Oranjesion Private Equity Capital in 1672. Made Senior Director in 1677. Promoted to Vice President in 1682 and named to the Board of Directors in 1687. He was elected Vice Chairman in 1694, which he resigned in XV.1696 on his appointment. Replaced in the Board of Directors by his daughter, Miranda Isabella Anders.

Married to Madani Allus-Zhayatar in the year 1658 AN. Marriage yielded one daughter, Miranda Isabella Anders (1669 AN– ). Father-in-law to Daniyal Aurangzeb Kalirion-Osman.

Nominated to command of the 17th Vanguard Division, known as the Talons of the Archon, by the Council of Archons (N&H) on 32.XV.1696 AN. Rewarded with the rank of Frainan Hohmin in recognition of his early successes in the First Kildarian Liberation War. Transferred to the Elian Militia to serve as Commandant of the Police Training Division on 23.VI.1703 AN.

Perished in the midst of the Siege of Dalen as fortunes were turning against Normark in the face of resistance organised by the Confederacy of the Dispossessed.