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Shahzamin, a province of the Imperial State of Constancia established after Operation Paramount in 1698 AN, broadly congruent with the former Babkhan satrapy of the same name which had been destroyed during the 1598 Babkhan Holocaust.

The ancestral home of the Ayreon-Kalirion family is located here.



Established as a political entity via Autokratorial Decree after the success of Operation Paramount.


Bjørn Hendriksson was appointed civil Governor of Greater Molivadia and Shahzamin on 3.XIII.1698. With the accession of the new Prince of Molivadia on 5.II.1705, his remit was confirmed as Governor of Shahzamin, effective that same date.

His daughter, Sophia Hendriksson was appointed Governor of Shahzamin on 1.I.1710, vice her father, who was elevated as Chief of Staff to the new Mesazon, her grandfather, Garvin Hendriksson.

At his own request and upon recommendation of his daughter the Governor, Bjørn Hendriksson was called to active duty on 2.I.1711, promoted to the rank of Sepahbod (Lieutenant-General), and assumed command of the 510th (Shahzamin) Army.


The capital of Shahzamin is Hyblios, although it has major cities such as Eridu, Al-Ghabi, Edgardia, and Duhok. Port Aguilar, while geographically located within the province, is independently governed as part of the Principality of Molivadia.


Home Guard elements of the 510th (Shahzamin) Army provide internal security for the province, and are governed from Fort Ardashir Khan, located on the coast near Hyblios. Commanded by Sarhang (Colonel) Periklês Metaxas from 1698-1700.




ESB Construction was granted a contract in 1705 to construct a commercial port in Hyblios.