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Periklês Metaxas

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Periklês Metaxas
1704-Periklês Metaxas-ICAF.png
Physical information
Species Human
Race Euran
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color Blue
Skin color White
Biographical information
Date of birth 1653 AN, Vey
Allegiance(s) Constancia Constancia

Apollonia Command

Years of service

Stratárchis Periklês Metaxas (Περικλῆς Μεταξάς), nephew of mesazon Andreas Metaxas, formerly officer commanding the Constancian Contingent Command of the Allied Mission in Eastern Apollonia, Hurmu & Lyrica (1700 AN1704 AN), now serving as the head of the Grand Commissariat of allied forces in the Trans-Euran Continental Theatre Command. Presently Mesazon of the Imperial State of Constancia, assuming office at the beginning of 1727.

As gratitude for his services to the Imperial State, raised to the Imperial Senate at the beginning of the 13th Imperial Synkletos beginning 1717. Refused to leave his post, but provided comments to Imperial Synkletos documents via courier and via representatives and friends in the Imperial Senate and the Dikastis of the Synkletos, particularly those hailing from Raspur.


Early life


Service career


Personal life


Married Ekaterina Ivanova Maksimilianova-Shvinnskaya in 1717. By that act, Periklês married into the erm, "family" of Giakoumis (Ekaterina being Giakoumis's granddaughter through an affair with Catarina de Todos los Santos u-Kart). Ekaterina is mostly known to the Chicha press however as the socialite daughter of Hopsy.