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Port Aguilar

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Port Aguilar
Nation: Constancia
Predominant language:

Main roads:
Major districts:

Current mayor: Larissa Rivabianchi, Governor
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Port Aguilar is a seaside settlement that entered Imperial Constancian sovereignty as a result of Operation Paramount, and while geographically a part of Shahzamin, it is, in accordance with Autokratorial Decree, politically and administratively governed as part of the Principality of Molivadia.

It serves as the primary commercial gateway to Shahzamin.

Larissa Rivabianchi, a former Deputy Minister of Molivadia, was appointed Governor of Port Aguilar with plenipotentiary powers via Autokratorial Decree bearing date 4.XIII.1698, and initially held office aboard the guard ship KP Helenos an Andronikos-class Auxiliary Cruiser with hull number A198.

ESB Construction was granted a contract to construct a commercial pier, a residential district, and water distillation plant.