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Portrait Yukio Ayreon-Kalirion 3 year old.jpg
Yukio, 3 years old, in a Shirerithian military uniform.
Full name 雪生
Yukio Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine
Physical information
Species Human
Race Mixed
Gender Male
Biographical information
Father Prince Ichirō
Mother Kaika bat Gyoku
Date of birth 13.I.1716 (aged 16 AN years)
Place of birth Huyenkula, Hurmu
Nationality Hurmu, Mondosphere, Natopian (East and West), Shireroth

Yukio (雪生) is the first-born child and son of Prince Ichirō and Lady Kaika bat Gyoku. He was born on the first snowy day of the winter season, Huyenkula, on 13.I.1716, causing his father to give him the name 雪生, snow-born. Its Jingdaoese reading is Xuěshēng. The first character in the name also honours Yukio's late grandmother, Lady Yukiji. He was born in the private hospital for members of the Order of the Holy Lakes which is run by Kallisti Health Services Inc.

Style and Titles

He is first in line to inherit the title of Prince among the Lakes (Hurmu) and Raja of Tas Neemia (Eastern Natopia; after his aunt the Kaiseress), and 5th in line to the Kaisership of Shireroth (first in line, according to the legitimists believing that the decrees to exclude Prince Kir (his grandfather) and then re-include his children in a position below where they would have otherwise been is against the law; and second in line also to the throne of Whales according to the legitimists believing that Prince Kir's last will of testament written only a day before he died, in which Daniyal ibn Daniyal inherited the throne, was forged).