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Lystasia Steerswick

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Lystasia Steerswick
Lystasia in 1706 AN
Full name Lystasia Zora Salome Rossheim-Etzeterra-Steerswick
AKA Stasie
Physical information
Species Lich-adepta
Race Prætaic/Akhidian
Gender Female
Hair color and style None
Eye color Blue
Skin color Pale
Biographical information
Father Mondo Etzeterra
Mother Anastasia
Date of birth 19.II.1703 AN (aged 15)
Nationality Steerish
Allegiance(s) Mondo
Occupation Head of State

Lystasia Zora Salome Rossheim-Etzeterra-Steerswick, Grand Duchess of Steerswick (Cibolan Saxon: Lystasia Zora Salome von und zu Rossheim-Etzeland-Stierschweig, Grossherzogin zu Stierschweig), is a lich-adepta and the sovereign of Steerswick.

Early life

Lystasia Steerswick, a few months after her birth

Lystasia is the daughter of Mondo Etzeterra and his wife, Anastasia of Akhidia. Her birth, occurring just over six months after her parent's marriage, was announced to Micras on 19.II.1703 AN. via a brief social media communication by Mondo:

Mondo welcomes a new friend, daughter Lystasia. Mondo thinks she is pretty but not as pretty as the Catmonster. She will complete final assembly herself.

Commentators were initially divided over the reference to assembly. While many dismissed the phrase as typical "Mondospeak", to others it was evidence that the princess was partly mechanical, like her enigmatic parent. The debate was eventually settled some weeks later, when Fort Ermingander released a picture showing the young child with obvious cybernetic implants.

She was formally recognised as Grand Duchess of Steerswick by the local estates on 22.II.1703 AN.

Personal rule

On 6.VIII.1706 AN, Lystasia unexpectedly announced that she was terminating the regency of her father and assuming direct rule over Steerswick. Despite her age- she was only three years and six months old at the time- the declaration enjoyed the support of the Steerish Estates and was not contested by Mondo, who sent a message of congratulations to his daughter.

Cultural impact

Lystasia is celebrated in the lyrics of the Steerish national anthem, "The Song of the Steerish Folk".

Titles and heraldry

  • 19.II.1703-22.II.1703: Her Royal Highness Princess Lystasia of Riskai and Etzeland
  • 22.II.1703-7.X.1708: Her Royal Highness The Grand Duchess of Steerswick, Princess of Riskai and Etzeland
  • 7.X.1708-1.VI.1716: Her Royal Highness The Grand Duchess of Steerswick, Duchess of Southmoorland, Princess of Riskai and Etzeland
  • 1.VI.1716-present: Her Imperial & Royal Highness The Grand Duchess of Steerswick, Duchess of Southmoorland, Crown Princess of Etzeland and of Riskai

Heraldic symbols

Image Description Comment
Lystasia seal.svg Official seal A stylised representation of Lystasia within a Minarborian wreath
Coat of arms of Steerswick.svg Lesser arms Lesser heraldic achievement as Grand Duchess of Steerswick
Greater coat of arms of Steerswick.svg Greater arms Greater heraldic achievement as Grand Duchess of Steerswick


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