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Order of the Vengeful Ghost

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Order of the Vengeful Ghost
Order of the Vengeful Ghost.svg
Awarded by Greater Sangun Emperor of Greater Sangun
Award of Greater Sangun Greater Sangun
Type Order of chivalry
Ribbon White
Motto Bōkon ga kuru zo
("The monster will come for you")
Sovereign Mondo
Grades (w/ post-nominals) Knight/Dame
Post-nominals KVG/DVG
Established Before XII.1503 AN
Ribbon of the Order of the Vengeful Ghost.png

The Order of the Vengeful Ghost (Sangunese: 怨霊章 Onryō-shō) is the highest order of Greater Sangun. The order is known to have been in existence since XII.1503 AN and is reputed to have been founded in 1379 AN, making it the oldest order within the Mondosphere, and potentially one of the oldest on Micras. Historically, it was also known as the Order of the Nightmare (Sangunese: 悪夢章 Akumu-shō).