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Greater Sangun

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Dai Sangun Teikoku
Keisaradœmit Stóra Sangun
Kaisertum Grosssangun
Empire of Greater Sangun

Flag of Greater Sangun
Greater Arms of Greater Sangun
Coat of Arms
Motto: Belua Tibi Veniat
(Latin: The Beast Will Come For You)
Anthem: Dies Irae (unofficial)
Location of Greater Sangun
Map versions 14.7.0 - present
Capital Kōnodai
Largest city Kōnodai
Official language(s) English, Sangunese, Norse, Cibolan Saxon
Demonym Sangunese
 - Adjective Sangunese
Government Autocracy
 - Emperor Sadamara Aptrgangr
 - Sangun Domain 11 May 2001
 - Duchy 27 February 2005
 - Kingdom 16 March 2005
 - Fourth Treaty of Riskai 31 October 2011
 - Empire proclaimed 16 March 2012
 - Total km²
 - Estimate n/a
 - Active 2
 - Density /km²
Currency Mon (文) (GSM)
Abbreviation GSA
National forum
 - Main forum Empire of Greater Sangun
 - Alternate forum Empire of Greater Sangun