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Greater Sangun

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Dai Sangun Teikoku
Empire of Greater Sangun
Flag of Sangun
Coat of Arms of Sangun
Coat of Arms
Location of Sangun
Map versions 14.7.0 -
Capital Yasutomi
Largest city Yasutomi
Official language(s) Sangunese
Official religion(s) Sangunese traditional religions
Nidarosian Nazarene
Demonym Sangunese
 - Adjective Sangunese
Government Monarchy
 - Emperor Mondo
 - Legislature -
Establishment XIV.1501 AN (duchy)
VIII.1502 AN (kingdom)
VIII.1586 AN (empire)
Area 155,664 sq km
Population 22,000,000 (estimate)
Currency Mon (文) (GSM)
Time zone(s) CMT+8
Mains electricity
Driving side right
Track gauge
National website -
National forum -
National animal -
National food -
National drink -
National tree -
Abbreviation GSA