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The Church of Nidaros is a Nazarene Catholic denomination prominent in eastern Keltia and southern Cibola. It was formerly the state church of the Kingdom of Nidaros and retains that status in the Kingdom of Riskai, including Varmland.


The Church of Nidaros and The Church of Stormark are different on many points. Whilst both churches enjoy the friendship of their reigning Pontiffs, the Churches differ in conduct and in governance.

For instance, His Holiness Camillus I of Stormark allows women to become Pope. In Nidaros, this is not so. His Holiness' Church is built upon the foundation of His Imperial Majesty The Emperor, whereas The Church of Nidaros pledges allegiance primarily to the Reigning King of Nidaros and the King of Nidaros pledges allegiance to the Pontiff.

There is a different set of honour systems for the Papacy of the Nidarosian Congregation and a new College of Cardinals.

Relations between both Churches are amicable.

  • Carl Magnus (Camillus II) excommunicated Camillus I:
    • "has broken the sacred sacrament of holy chastity through marriage to the Gracious Lady Aoife"
    • "LET IT THEREFORE BE KNOWNthat We, Pope Magnus Camillus II, Pontiff of the The Most Holy Nidarosian Church, Inspector General of the Order of the Sacred Nails, Protector of the Order of the Sacred Veil, Lord High Minister of Nidaros, Commandant - General of the Papal Armies, Lord Commander of the Pontifical Brigade, Servant of the Altar of the Saints, Grand Arbiter of the Reliquary of Saint Magnus Camillus I, that We do by this Our Papal Bull of Excommunication revoke all ranks, degrees, styles, dignities, titles and honours that We may have enacted upon the heretical Pontiff of Treisenburg and His evil administration / This We do further by this Our Papal Bull of Excommunication, dispense with the legitimacy of Camillus' administration and order any to purge the formerly lucid church of Treisenburg from discrepancy. Political enemies and others who strive and succeed this mission shall be given political asylum within the Duchy of Apostolis and shall enjoy the Title of 'Sanctified Brother of the Noble Cause' and a Peerage in the Hierarchy of the Church. We Also Declare All Those In Communion with the Church of Treisenburg to be excommunicated upon acceptance of the legitimacy of such a regime."


Leadership of the church was originally vested in a Pope, who resided in the Nidarosian city of Riskai. The Nidarosian papacy has remained vacant since the death of Pope Camillus II, with authority over the Church vested in the Riskaian monarch, who is ex officio a lay cardinal with the traditional style of Cardinal Protector of Nidaros.