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Rulers of Riskai

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King of Riskai
Mondo Cardinal Seal.svg
Seal of Mondo as Cardinal-King of Riskai
since 20.III.1702
Style His Eminent Majesty
Residence Fort Ermingander, Northbloom
Appointer Succession
Term Lifetime
Inaugural holder Antoku
Formation 1567

The King of Riskai (Norse: Riskaiar Konungr) is the head of state of the Kingdom of Riskai. The present incumbent is Mondo Etzeterra.

Before 1567 AN, the monarch was styled Grand Duke of Riskai. The throne was vacant between 1649 and 1702 AN, during which time royal prerogatives were exercised by a series of regents.

Cardinal Protector of Nidaros

Since 1555 AN, the Riskaian monarch has been vested with leadership of the Church of Nidaros. Monarchs (but not regents) hold ex officio the rank of cardinal and are styled Cardinal Protector of Nidaros, but although considered clerics in canon law, they are not ordained members of the clergy.

Their unique status as lay cardinals is the origin of the Riskaian monarchs' compound style of Eminent Majesty.

List of rulers

Grand Dukes of Riskai
No. Regnal name Dynasty Reign (AN) Notes
1 Magnus Camillus II - 1539-1555 Holy Nidarosian Pope
2 Antoku Rossheim 1555-1567 King of Sangun
Kings of Riskai
No. Regnal name Dynasty Reign (AN) Notes
3 Antoku Rossheim 1567-1581 King of Sangun
4 Sadamara Aptrgangr Rossheim 1581-1648 King of Sangun; Emperor of Sangun
Regents of Riskai
No. Regnal name Dynasty Reign (AN) Notes
5 Harald Thorstein Ettlingar Freyu 1649-1685 High King of Stormark
6 local regents - 1685-1702
Kings of Riskai
No. Regnal name Dynasty Reign (AN) Notes
7 Mondo Etzeterra 20.III.1702- Sovereign of Northbloom & Etzeland