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Octavia Rossheim

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Octavia Rossheim
Full name Octavia of Rossheim-Maltenstein-Me'Jiliad-Rossheim
AKA Octavia Rossheim
Physical information
Species Lich
Gender Female
Hair color and style Blue
Skin color Pale
Biographical information
Father Kaiser Aiomide
Mother Lyssansa Rossheim
Spouse Clarence Etzeterra
Children Mondo
Date of birth 1606
Place of birth Shirekeep
Date of death 1649
Occupation Ruler of Highpass

Octavia of Rossheim-Maltenstein-Me'Jiliad-Rossheim (Sangunese: 八子二屍三郡皇), daughter of Kaiser Aiomide and Lyssansa Rossheim (created in 1606, destroyed in 1649) was the Nishi Empress of Sangun (?–?), Queen of Leichenberg (?–?), Queen of Steeria and Highfield (?–?), and also ruler of Highpass from her creation until her destruction, with the following titles:

  • Countess of Highpass (1606–1606)
  • Princely Countess of Highpass (1606–1607)
  • Princely Lichgravine of Highpass (1607–1649)

Married to Clarenze Etzeterra, with whom she had offspring, Mondo.