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Audon II

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Audon II
Audon Jirō Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine
Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 35.XV.1730 AN (3 AN years
Senate(s) XII
Faction United
Order of the Holy Lakes Andelarion, Osman, Tahmaseb, Arviður, Daniel Kalirion, Waffel-Paine, Elijah Ayreon
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Biographical information
Father Prince Kir of Shireroth and Whales
Mother Kataoka Yukiji
Spouse(s) Lystasia Steerswick (m. 1719)
Children Mina (b. 1720)
Date of birth 7.I.1695 (aged 38 AN years)
Place of birth Natopia Palace of the Whales (Whales Whales)

Audon II (二郎, Jirō; Audon Jirō Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine) is current King of Nidaros. He is the second child and son of Prince Kir and Princess Yukiji of Whales. Ichirō is his elder brother, and Enhei his younger sister. He is the present lord of Kigazeki. He is a Senator of the Lakes since inhering the seat aupon his brother Ichirō's death in 1730.

Born with the name Jirō ("the second-born" in Sangunese), he adopted the regal name Audon II in honour of his ancestor, Kaiser Ayreon I, who had ruled Nidaros under the name of Audon. He also added Audon to his given names.

Following his mother's death from seppuku in 1706, he is the foster child, along with his siblings, of Mondo and Anastasia.

In 1714, he was appointed by the Chancellor of the Order of the Holy Lakes to the governing council of Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï, the Council of Shared Sovereignty.

In 1725, the Folketing of Nidaros passed a resolution calling upon King Audon II to take a human wife with whom he could have human children that may succeed to the throne upon his demise. The same resolution called for only humans of Nazarene faith to be allowed succession to the throne. Audon rejected the resolution, whereafter the Folketing passed a bill (Bill regulating the succession to the Crown), in which the Folketing stipulated the following:

  • Succession to the Throne is restricted to adult humans, baptised and confirmed into the Church of Nidaros, who are descended from a late monarch of Nidaros, and who are declared by the Folketing Prince or Princess of Nidaros.
  • The King shall at all times have nominated three eligible successors, whom the Folketing shall approve before declared Princes or Princesses of Nidaros.

Audon, caring for his daughter's rights, decided not to consent to the bill. This caused an uproar in the Folketing. Audon then dissolved the Folketing and called for elections for a new Folketing, to be held in the latter half of 1726. The new Folketing struggled to find a solution to the matter, deciding instead to focus on more important matters.

Upon his brother Ichirō's murder/accidental death on 35.XV.1730, Audon II inherited his senate seat as per his brother's will. He thus became a member of the Senate. His wife, Lystasia, joined him in the Senate, taking charge of her parents' seats as their proxies in the Senate.

Style and Titles

In 1698, he was granted the title Prince of Shireroth by his aunt Kaiseress Salome.