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The Hurmu Gate Network refers to the network of gates that allow for instantaneous transport between two gates through displacement of space-time.

The Hurmu Gate Network has been developed by the Hurmu Gate Institute and the Hurmu Gate Company.

All trips through the Gate Network were briefly put on hold from 2.VII.1703 for three months, due to the death of Kir Azariah Vidar during a solo transit from Huyenkula to Walstadt. An investigation identified breaches of standard operating procedures by a malcontented member of the hub control staff as the primary cause of the fractional gate misalignment incident. The gate resumed essential operations in support of the Hurmu Peace Corps during the Barikalus-Hurmu war thereafter.


In order to travel between two gates, for example between Kaupang and Ghawlama, the Hub will arrange for opening the network between these gates at a given time. Then each gate must make it available for travel from the other. Since 1705, it has been possible to have parallel travelling, that is, trips can occur at the same time (e.g., one trip fron Huyenkula to Maltenstein, and another from Kaupang to Lindström), as long as the same stations are not being in use. The Hub coordinates all travels for security reasons.

The Hub cannot open a gate remotely (for security reasons), but can close a gate remotely if it does not close on its own. Similarly, the Hub can block a gate from accessing the network this way.

Operational gates

Planned gates