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District of Karnamark
Flag of Karnamark
[[|85px|Coat of Arms of Karnamark|frameless]]
Coat of Arms
[[|250px|Location of Karnamark|frameless]]
Map versions
Capital Datret
Largest city Ny-Zanzibar, Kirkjubooð Oystra Karnahafn
Official language(s) Istvanistani, Hurmu Norse, Karnali, Alexandrian
Official religion(s) None official
Demonym Karnamarker
 - Adjective Karnamark
Government District of Hurmu
 - Minister for the Keltian Districts Mårten Kvalsted
 - Legislature Board of Control for Karnamark
Establishment 1707 AN
Population 1 252 302 (1710)
Currency Crown (HUK)
Time zone(s) CMT+3
Mains electricity
Driving side left
Track gauge
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National food
National drink
National tree
Abbreviation TBD

Karnamark is a district of Hurmu found on the western coast of Keltia. The territory consists of a peninsula that is partially disputed by the competing territorial claims of the Hexarchy. As of 1706 AN both parties have undertaken to resolve the territorial dispute via diplomatic means.

Main cities (each forming a municipality) in Karnamark: Ny-Zanzibar, Datret, Kirkjubooð, and Oystra Karnahafn.

The district borders the Phineonesian territory of Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï to the south, the Hexarchy to the north, and the Green to the east.


Map of Karnamark with towns (yellow), cities (light yellow), municipalities (grey), roads (red) and other sites of interest (purple).

Government and politics

Rulers of Karnamark

Portrait Name Title Rule Tenure Birth Death Notes
Alissa Guadalim.png Alissa Guadalim Commissioner 1706-1708 AN years 1661 Shireroth (Shirekeep) -
Minister for the Keltian Districts 1708-1710 AN years
Ardashir Kalir.png Ardashir Kalir Minister for Karnamark 1710-1713 AN years 1687 Chryse (Chryse)
Altfrid Günthersson Merrick.jpeg Altfrid Günthersson Merrick Minister for Karnamark 1713-1719 AN years 1687 Normark (Elijah's Rest)
Hurmu coat of arms.png Mårten Kvalsted Minister for the Keltian Districts 1719–

Board of Control


Defence & security

Main article: Army of Karnamark

Since 1706 AN the locally raised Army of Karnamark has been responsible for the defence and security of the district under a system of subcontracted obligations from the Hurmu Peace Corps. In 1714 AN the Army of Karnamark was reinforced by the 1st March Demi-Regiment of the Regiment of the Blackfriars' which was deployed to the district on a four year contract with the Hurmu Peace Corps.


Alissa Guadalim was appointed Commissioner for Karnamark under letters patent issued by Daniyal al-Osman in his capacity as Prime Minister of Hurmu on 30.XV.1706 AN. She was furnished with orders to establish fortified settlements and a seat of government on the western Keltian peninsula, to commence the apportionment of land for auction and plantation, and to raise an independent regiment for the establishment of peace and order of the colony. She further received, in addition to her written orders, a series of verbal instructions from the Prime Minister regarding the upholding of the rights of Hurmu in those parts of the Karnamark peninsula claimed by the Hexarchy.

In contrast to the situation in Amaland, the 1707 Hurmu general elections were conducted in good order throughout the district under the direct supervision of the commissioner and centrally appointed returning officers. The situation was greatly helped by early presence of paid enforcement officers and the limited number of municipalities to organise, this contrasting greatly with the multiplicity of formerly independent communes in Amaland when the political agents of the main party had enjoyed free rein.

The Defence Service Agreement between the Army of Karnamark and the Hurmu Peace Corps elapsed in 1712 AN without being renewed, owing to the demise of the final al-Osman cabinet. As of 1714 AN the Army of Karnamark remained in possession of its fortified places as a free company, levying fees upon the surrounding communities and receiving a compelled subsidy from the government of the colony. This oversight was addressed once it came to the attention of the administration in Huyenkula, with the result that a new ten year contract (1714-1724) was hurriedly brought into effect under the same terms as before.


Karnamark recorded a population of 1,258,200 persons in the 1710 Hurmu census.

1st Language Percentage
Karnali 29.58%
Istvanistani 21.75%
Alexandrian 14.07%
Hurmu Norse 10.63%
Amalandic 5.27%
Lakkvian 2.27%
Krasnocorian 2.14%
Lontinian (White) 2.00%
Lontinian (Blue) 1.00%
Jingdaoese 0.48%
Others 10.34%
Municipality Populatation Hurmu N Amalandic Karnali Alexandrian Istvanistani Other
Datret 608,294 9% 3% 23% 15% 25% 24%
Kirkjubooð 88,176 13% 6% 33% 12% 23% 13%
Ny-Zanzibar 338,428 12% 8% 31% 13% 22% 14%
Oystra Karnahafn 223,301 12% 7% 44% 14% 12% 11%

Among "other languages" are found Gralans, Toketians, Swnndyrrr, Atterans, as well as groups belonging to or loyal to the Hexarchy.

Economy & infrastructure

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