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Kaika bat Gyoku

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Kaika bat Gyoku
Kaika bat Gyoku.png
Kaika bat Gyoku
Full name 乖花ㄅㄚㄊ玉
Kaika Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine
Physical information
Species Human
Race Jing (also: Jing Hurmudan)
Gender Female
Biographical information
Father Duan ben Gyoku
Mother Kiyoko Pei
Spouse Ichirō
Children Yukio
Date of birth 1694 (aged 38 AN years)
Nationality Hurmu, Shireroth, Natopian
Occupation Princess

Kaika bat Gyoku (乖花ㄅㄚㄊ玉; Jing reading: Guāihuā bat Yù; born 1694), also known as Kaika Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine is a Shirerithian noblewoman, who, since 1715, is married to Prince Ichirō. In 1714, she became betrothed to Prince Ichirō without having met him. In fact, the first time she met her husband was on her wedding day. She is the granddaughter of Hon ben Gyoku, and great granddaughter of the Meiyo Emperor. She belongs to the House of Gyoku by birth, and to the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and Waffel-Paine, the Imperial Family of Shireroth and the Order of the Holy Lakes, by marriage.

After her parents' untimely death in 1695, she and her younger siblings – Shiraki and Nagano – were brought into the household of their grandfather, Hon ben Gyoku, and were brought up by him and his wife.

On 1.I.1715, Ichirō married Kaika in a lavish ceremony in Daocheng. A year and 12 days later, on 13.I.1716, she gave birth to a son, Yukio. She gave birth to a second son, Sechigu, on 6.V.1719, and a daughter, Sehoshi, on 5.XII.1722.

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