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House of Gyoku

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House of Gyoku (House of Jade)
File:House of Gyoku.png
Country Greater Kildare, Shireroth
Parent house House of Erasmus
Titles Vice-Roy of Hondon (Count of Hondon)
Founder Yuling bat Gyoku
Final ruler N/A
Current head Hon ben Gyoku
Founding year 1659 AN
Dissolution N/A
Deposition N/A
Ethnicity Pure Jingdaoese
Cadet branches N/A

The House of Gyoku is a Jingdaoese noble family, which traces its ancestry back to the House of Erasmus. Its founder, Yuling bat Erasmus (since 1659 also known as Yuling bat Gyoku), was for a short while the Heavenly Light of Jingdao. She was replaced in favor of her nephew, who had a direct claim to the Heavenly Throne (and whose existence was unknown, until 1659).

Special privileges

It's the only family which is - as cadet branch - allowed to use the 'bet' (for boys) or 'bat' (for girls) between the first name and surname. This privilege was, originally only used by the direct line of descendants of the House of Erasmus, but granted to Yuling for her proven service to the Empire. All descendants of the House also wear the honorary title Heavenly Prince.

History of the House

  • 1659: Cadet branch established and recognised by the Heavenly Court as the House of Gyoku.
  • 1672: Marriage between Hon ben Gyoku and Xu Ya of Nan, sister of Claudius Nan, later Duke of Outer Antya.
  • 1695: Tragical death of Duan ben Gyoku and his beloved wife, Kiyoko Pei, due to the Alexandrian Plague. Their children are taken in by their grandparents, Hon and Xu Ya.