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Louis Thuylemans

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Louis Thuylemans
Louis Thuylemans.png
Full name Louis Thuylemans
Physical information
Species Human
Race Batavian
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color green
Skin color white
Biographical information
Father Christiaan Thuylemans
Mother Joke van Vleerboesen
  • Nathalie Verkrassen (m. 1674–...)
Date of birth 1668 AN (aged 50 years)
Place of birth Boschkapelle, Austrasië
Residence(s) 's Koningenwaarde
Nationality Batavian (Shirerithian)
Allegiance(s) The Golden Mango Throne

Economics professor
Former prime minister

Steward of Shireroth

Louis Thuylemans (born 1668) is a ShirerithianBatavian politician who serves as Steward of Shireroth (since 1718) and formerly also as Prime minister of Batavia (1713–1718). Since 1698 he is also the president of the Ultraroyalist Party. He's often described as a rather 'boring man' and a 'paper grinder' who prefers to avoid conflict and seeks compromises wherever possible. He's known to be a staunch royalist, and ever since his college years (when Salome acted as Staatsholder of Batavia) he actively supported the Shirerithian cause. He was one of the driving forces behind the integration of the Kingdom into the Imperial Republic of Shireroth in the early 18th century.

In 1717, he was elected to the Folksraad, and then named Steward of Shireroth on 1.VIII.1718 after a coalition agreement between the Mango-Strengthening Movement, the Association of Loyalists to the Throne, the Reform Society, the National Development Party of Talenore, the Conservative Monarchist Party, the Imperial Democratic Party, and his own Ultraroyalist Party was signed. His cabinet was promulgated by the Kaiseress on the same date.

Early life

Louis was born in the town of Boschkapelle in the province of Austrasië. As second son of the local tailor, he grew an interest in accounting. Originally planning to serve as clerk in the Holy Catologian Church, his skills were noticed by the local lord of Boschkapelle. He received a college fund and went to study at the university in Pentapolis. During this time, Salome had become Staatsholder of Batavia, and despite her short reign, the government was able to invest heavily in the development of its educational institutions.

Louis eventually graduated as an economics professor and moved to 's Koningenwaarde, where he became increasingly invested in politics. In 1698 AN he replaced his mentor, Joseph-Bartholomeus des Vinandy-Windsor as president of the Ultraroyalisten.

Prime Minister of Batavia

Steward of Shireroth

Due to his reputation as a grey mouse, Thuylemans was chosen as a compromise candidate to offset the balance of the Jingdaoese and Kildarian politicians within the new administration. His tenure began in 1718 AN with the establishment of the Thuylemans Government.

Preceded by:
Chrysostom Wythe
Steward of Shireroth
Succeeded by