Association of Loyalists to the Throne

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The Association of Loyalists to the Throne, commonly known as the Throne Loyalists (TL) is a political association and party in Shireroth, which is heavily associated with Chrysostom Wythe and the members of his cabinet.

Electoral programme 1723

  • Support of the Carta Ayreonica
  • Loyalty to the Kaiseress and her dynasty
  • Support of the Raspur Pact
  • Tax reform (make tax fairer)
  • Better conditions for the lowest classes
  • Extension of peerage to more nobles
  • Extension of nobility to more commoners
  • Continued open borders with RP neighbours
  • Better relations with Tellia
  • Seek out open borders with Sanama
  • Seek out a trade agreement with the XC
  • Better relations with Çakaristan
  • No giving up the the Heel of Floria
  • Expanded military with expanded military service
  • Shireroth's policy should be to open relations with all MCS countries.