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Eleventh Senate

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The eleventh Senate of the Lakes was elected in 1718 and entered office on 1.I.1719. On 17.XIII.1720, it became a permanent Senate. After the Phineonesian Accession Treaty was ratified, the Senate decided that the Twelfth Senate would meet on 1.I.1728, celebrating the accession of the Phineonesian realms of Phinbella, Forajasaki and Plazas de Irian.


Seat No Portrait Coat of Arms Name Birth Death Tenure Faction Comment
1 Linaomiai1721.jpeg Li naomiai coa.png Li Naomiai Avon-El 1627 Michaelion 1722 (15.VI.1722) 1719–1722 (1.I.1719–15.VI.1722) United Chancellor (Presiding officer)
MarcusAvonElMyksos.png Sara eskenderion coa.png Marcus Avon-El Myksos 1702 (Kezan) 1722 (15.VI.1722) Inherited the seat from Li Naomiai
2 1715 Enkhjargal al-Osman.jpeg Lontinien coa.png Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal 1672 Ghawlama 1719 (1.I.1719) Humanist First Secretary of State
3 KarelKyle04.png Vinandygroot.png Karel des Vinandy 1676 's Koningenwaarde 1719–1726 (1.I.1719–6.XV.1726) Conservative
Sooraj Wasli 1691 1726– (6.XV.1726–) Conservative Succeeded to the seat immediately upon Karel Kyle des Vinandy's resignation.
4 JayaPrabhu.jpg Jaya Prabhu 1676 1719 (1.I.1719) Conservative
5 SaurabhFarrah.jpg Saurabh Farrah 1680 1719 (1.I.1719) Conservative
6 Mondoseal.svg Coat of arms of Etzeland.svg Mondo Etzeterra Unknown 1719 (1.I.1719) United
7 Jamshid-e Osman.jpeg House of Osman flag.png Jamshid-e Osman 1665 Raspur 1720 1719–1720 Humanist Killed on 24.II.1720.
Royaalosman.jpeg Khan of vijayanagara.png Roya al-Osman 1686 1720 (24.II.1720) Humanist Inherited the seat from Jamshid-e Osman
8 Khoga Checheyigen.jpeg Khoga Checheyigen 1669 1719 (1.I.1719) Humanist
9 Senatrix Isabella III Güntherdohtor Merrick.jpeg House of Merrick CoA.png Isabella III Güntherdohtor Merrick 1686 1719 (1.I.1719) Humanist
10 Fahime Jafarnejad.jpeg Fahime Jafarnejad 1686 1719 (1.I.1719) Humanist
11 Asmilaavonel.jpeg Asmila avon-el coa.png Asmila Avon-El 1690 1719 (1.I.1719) United
12 Portrait Ichiro.jpg Varmland coa.png Ichirō of Varmland 1693 1730 1719 (1.I.1719) United Commander
13 Rosamund.png Rosamund coa.png Rosamund al-Osman Primo de Aguilar 1673 1719 (1.I.1719) Humanist Chancellor (1722– )
14 Sackhcham Kapudia.png Sackhcham Kapudia 1681 1719 (1.I.1719) Conservative
15 Catherine wythe.png Catherine wythe coa (2).png Catherine Wythe 1689 1719 (1.I.1719) United
16 Aliande.jpeg Laegel coa.png Aliande, Lady Laegel 1654 Erudition 1719 Huyenkula 1704–1719 Verionist Assassinated 22.XIV.1719
Sirithillaegel.jpeg Sirithil, Lady Laegel 1698 Erudition 1719 (22.XIV.1719) Verionist Inherited the seat from Aliande
17 Milo enujohanenion.jpeg Enujohanenion coa.png Milo Enujohanenion 1650 1720 1716–1720 United Killed during the Battle of the Palace of the Elenaran on 1.I.1720.
Anastasia 01.png Anastasia coa.svg Anastasia 1674 1720 (2.I.1720) United Inherited the seat from Milo Enujohanenion
18 Yahyanahjahanbani.png Yahyanah Jahanbani 1677 1720 1719–1720 United Killed on 1.I.1720 during the Battle of the Palace of the Elenaran.
Utas.png Utas coa 1721.png Utas Ayreon-Kalirion 1683 1720 (2.I.1720) United Inherited the seat from Yahyanah Jahanbani

Important matters

Year M D Item Outcome Comment
1719 1 1 Election of Chancellor of the Order of the Holy Lakes and ex officio Presiding Officer of the Senate. Li Naomiai nominated. Li Naomiai elected by unanimous consent
1719 1 1 Election of Commander of the Order of the Holy Lakes. Ichirō nominated. Ichirō elected by unanimous consent
1719 1 2 Election of First Secretary of State. Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal nominated. Ghawetkiin Enkhjargal elected by unanimous consent
1719 1 2 Election of Secretary of State for the Bank, Mint and Press of Hurmu. Rosamund al-Osman Primo de Aguilar nominated. Rosamund al-Osman Primo de Aguilar elected. (14-0-4)
1719 3 7 Election of Secretary of State for External Relations. Mondo and Jaya Prabhu nominated. Mondo elected against Jaya Prabhu (11-5-2) The vote was postponed as part of an internal Senate negotiations package. In the end, Mondo was confirmed.
1719 3 7 Election of Secretary of State for Peace. Jamshid-e Osman nominated. (13-0-5) The vote was postponed as part of an internal Senate negotiations package. In the end, Jamshid-e Osman was confirmed.
1719 3 7 Question of confirming Annika Raudsepp to position of Prime Minister of Hurmu. (6 (7)-6-6 (5)) It took the Senate 2 months to wrangle through internal negotiations and private negotiations with the incoming Raudsepp administration, to finally put the matter to a vote. With there being a 6-6-6 (not an auspicious number for the incoming socialist government) vote for the nomination, there being thus a tie, it befell the Chancellor, a United Ayreonist herself, to break it. Following the party line, she voted in favour of accepting the nomination. As such, Annika Raudsepp was declared Prime Minister elect, and she would be inaugurated the following day.
1719 11 20 Founding of the city of Haratşarbatır:

Motion that Hurmu establishes a city in Lontinien bearing the name Haratşarbatır, to honor a deceased individual who has done much for this country, Mukhaliin Kharachar (Haratşar Muhalin), Khan of the Blue Band of the Silver Yak Horde.
(12-0-14) Mukhaliin Kharachar, also known as Haratşar Muhalin, was Khan of the Blue Band of the Silver Yak Horde. He died in 1717 to much grief of the Hurmu community. In OOC consideration, Mukhaliin Kharachar was the Hurmu character of the late Alperen, and the erection of a city in his honour is in this way one of our ways to mark our memory of him.
1719 14 22 Senator Aliande dies, having been shot two days earlier. Flag of Hurmu on top of the Palace of the Elenaran lowered to half staff for ten days.
1719 14 23 Sitting in memoriam Aliande. Aliande's replacement, her daughter, Sirithil attends and takes her seat in the Senate. Sirithil's two full siblings, Legolas and Zora, attend as guests. Annika Raudsepp, the Prime Minister, wished to attend to mark the tragic demise of Aliande but was not invited by Chancellor Li Naomiai.
1719 14 3 Question of no confidence in the Prime Minister (Annika Raudsepp). (17-0-10) Annika Raudsepp was thus dismissed from the office of Prime Minister, with the dismissal taking effect upon the nomination and confirmation of a Prime Minister by both Assembly and Senate.
1720 11 20 Question of admitting Sanama to the Xäiville Convention (take 1) (7-10-10) The decision of the Senate was kept secret until 10.XII.1720 when it was made public. The humanist faction indicated that if Sanama would leave WANC, it would support Sanama's membership in the XC. The ambassador to Sanama discretely informed the Sanaman government of this, and Sanama promptly left WANC.
1720 11 20 Question of admitting Dark Berry Islands to the Xäiville Convention (take 2) (17-0-10) The decision of the Senate was kept secret until 10.XII.1720 when it was made public.
1720 13 10 Question of admitting Sanama to the Xäiville Convention (take 2) (13-0-14) After Sanama had formally left WANC, the humanist faction in the Senate called for a new vote to admit Sanama to the Xäiville Convention. The Senate voted in favour of the question.
1720 13 17 Adoption of the Charter for the Order of the Holy Lakes Adopted unanimously The adoption of the Charter signalled the end of democracy on the federal/national level in Hurmu, and the draft Charter had been prepared in response to the socialist alliance's attempt to hijack Hurmu away from the Order's hands.
1720 15 10 Bill to establish the Hurmu Merchant Marine Company Adopted unanimously
1721 2 14 Bill to appropriate an adequate sum of money from money not otherwise appropriated, to provide for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Palace of the Elenaran; provided that the law and order situation has regularized; and provided further that the money and possessions of the culprits duly arrested, and judicially found guilty, shall constitute part of this appropriation.

Moreover, that the assets of the Hurmu Credit Union, SDP/CWP/Umraist parties and the Trade Unions Congress be confiscated for the reconstruction of the Palace of the Elenaran.

Further that an immediate 20% wealth tax be levied upon all members and contributors of the aforementioned, so as to establish a General Fund available to support the Order of the Holy Lakes.

The General Fund being available to support members of the Order who are resident in the territories held by the Order by right, with funds to be dispersed at the discretion of the Chancellor upon application.
(13-0-14) Thus enacted.
1721 10 11 "That Hurmu unilaterally ends every and all sanctions against Floria, as implemented by the decision of the Xäiville Convention on 20.X.1706" Adopted unanimously
1721 10 12 Motion inviting Meckelnburgh to accede to the Xäiville Convention Rejected. (8-9-1) As such, the resolution failed. It was leaked that the opposition to admitting Meckelnburgh was less about Meckelnburgh but more about a protest against the continued XC sanctions against Floria.
1721 15 9 Resolution to withdraw from the Xäiville Convention Rejected. (7-8-3) The humanist delegation proposed a resolution to withdraw from the Xäiville Convention. Debate in the Senate was harsh, with different sides accusing the others of failing in the interests of Hurmu. For example, the United Ayreonist–Traditionalists accused the Humanists of war-mongering, of bringing about a design to engulf Hurmu under the subjugation of the evils of humanism and bringing Hurmu to the same fate as Elwynn; while humanists accused the Ayreonists of being devoid of reality, of more or less being suicidal, etc. In the end, the Senate, with 1 vote, rejected the motion.
1722 1 20 Motion that the Order of the Holy Lakes in right of Hurmu ratify and accede to the Small Treaty of Non Aggression Rejected. (8-9-1) The Conservative delegation proposed the motion. The United Faction was split on the issue; that the united faction is split is a trend that has become more apparent in recent years. Question is how long the united faction indeed might be united.
1722 1 20 Report on relations with Meckelnburgh Given by Eliza Aabooð, Hurmu's ambassador to the Xäiville Convention.
1722 2 18 Report (no 2) on relations with Meckelnburgh Given by Eliza Aabooð, Hurmu's ambassador to the Xäiville Convention.
1722 3 5 that the Senate of the Lakes invites the Kingdom of Meckelnburgh to accede to the Xäiville Convention Approved. (10-0-8) Thus Meckelnburgh had received the support of all Xäiville Convention countries and was admitted to the XC.
1722 6 10 Ratification of the Treaty with Aerla Adopted unanimously
1722 6 15 Death of Li Naomiai As such, her tasks of Chancellor were automatically transferred to Ichirō, Commander, as acting Chancellor. Her seat in the Senate was given, according to her will, to Marcus Avon-El Myksos.
1722 6 16 Act of Remembrance in the Senate for Li Naomiai, and welcoming of her replacement as Senator, Marcus Avon-El Myksos, and beginning the laying-in-state of Li Naomiai.
1722 6 21 State funeral of Li Naomiai (in Kaupang)
1722 12 17 Elect Rosamund to Chancellor of the Order of the Holy Lakes Adopted unanimously Rosamund is the granddaughter-in-law of the previous Chancellor, Li Naomiai. While a humanist, she received first the Ayreonist–Traditionalist support due to her marriage with Ayreonist–Traditionalist Utas, and from thereon, the support of all other Senators. The Ayreonist–Traditionalist group sought initially to nominate Ichirō for the role but he withdrew upon the Humanist nomination of a "compromise" candidate. Her first speech as Chancellor was characterized as one filled with humility for the role, and was received well even in more leftist press.
1723 1 3 A resolution to establish a trade embargo on Cerulea. No trade shall take place between Hurmu and Cerulea unless the Senate declares otherwise. Those in violation of this embargo shall be liable to have all their goods and properties subject to possession of the Senate until the Senate declares otherwise. The cabinet may, by resolution, provide exceptions to this law. Adopted unanimously
1724 3 17 That the Senate shall sit as court of justice for the fugitives Annika Raudsepp, Muhammad Abdullah, and Nada Lesjak, facing trial on the counts of high treason, treachery, sedition, and waging illegal war against the Holy Order of the Lakes; That the Senate shall invite the Chancellor to appoint a prosecutor to present the case against the accused; That supplementary charges may be brought against the accused by the prosecution, at the direction of the Senate, if they are discovered during the course of proceedings. Adopted. (13-4-1)
1724 5 10 That the Prosecutor in the Order of the Holy Lakes v Raudsepp et al. shall be Janek Tryggve. Adopted. (13-0-5)
1724 7 8 That the Senate, pursuant to the informal agreement made with Cerulea, appoints Ankhbayar Klaron Djupvik, Knight of the Holy Lakes, to represent the Order in Cerulea as a Resident Secretary reporting to the embassy in Elijah's Rest Adopted. (13-0-5)
1726 4 8 Senate finds Annika Raudsepp guilty of all charges (treason, treachery, sedition, and waging an illegal war), Nada Lesjak guilty of treachery and sedition, and not guilty of treason and waging an illegal war, and Muhammad Abdullah guilty of treachery and not guilty of treason, sedition, and waging an illegal war. See Verdict
1726 4 8 Senate sentences Lesjak and Abdullah to social harmonization therapy, while fails to agree on sentencing to Raudsepp See Sentencing
1726 15 6 Karel Kyle des Vinandy resigns his seat in the Senate, giving it to Sooraj Wasli, who takes up the seat immediately thereafter.
1726 15 11 Senate sentences Annika Raudsepp to lifetime incarceration See Sentencing of Raudsepp
1727 4 13
  • Whereas terrorist activity in the Green of Noorðmannaland adjacent to Amaland, Karnamark and Tanah Tōnán'hyôrï continue to threaten the peace and livelihood of the people residing in those territories, and the safety and good government of these territories;
  • Whereas the Green of Noorðmannaland is rampant with Vanic cults, committing crimes against humanity on a daily basis;
  • Whereas current Fyrð missions in the Green have been trampled by the lack of coordination of jurisdiction and effectful pacification of the area;
  • Therefore, the Senate of the Lakes, enacts, as follows:
  1. The sovereignty of the Order of the Holy Lakes in right of Amaland and Karnamark is extended to the entirety of the Green of Noorðmannaland, so that there will be no Green territory adjacent to Hurmu's borders of Amaland and Karnamark.
  2. The Green of Noorðmannaland shall be divided between Amaland and Karnamark, with the border between them running along the 55th parallel North.
Bill adopted. (13-4-1) With the adoption of this bill, the Senate enacted the Noorðmannaland Act with immediate effect. The reasons for this bill were outlined by the Marcus Duke of Vigeland:

"The Green of Noorðmannaland used to be part of Stormark (especially the northern part), and thus Vanicism is strong here. The Nordic cultural identity of the people here, though largely Alexandrian-speaking, requires us to act in their favour, by freeing them from the taint of Vanicism."

"Vanic terrorists have continued to bombard the Green borders of Amaland and Karnamark and the TTT, threatening the people there, and costing us a lot of money in the process. We must pacify the area and bring it under Hurmu sovereignty, just like we did with the steppes of Lontinien, the Lake and Southern Districts, and Transprinitica and Northern Coria. This is our duty to our brethren."

The bill was supported by all camps but the Conservative faction. The Conservative faction has a policy of opposing Hurmu expansions.

1727 10 10  Sitting following the assassination of Jaaguzan. Expressions of condolences and support. Declaration of a 12 days of national grief.
1727 12 6 Ratification of the Phineonesian Accession Treaty Adopted unanimously Thus, on 1.I.1728, Hurmu will be expanded by the accession of Phinbella, Forajasaki and Plazas de Irian as realms, and the Senate will be expanded with two more seats for the leaders of Phinbella and Forajasaki.
1727 14 4 That the Eleventh Senate be dissolved on 36.XV.1727 and the Twelfth Senate inaugurated on 1.I.1728 Adopted unanimously
1727 14 4 Whereas there is a need for a national archives and national library to preserve the history and heritage of Hurmu

Therefore, the Senate of the Lakes, enacts, as follows:

(1) There is hereby created the Anskar Isamma Memorial State Archives and Library as a corporate body with perpetual existence. It shall be governed by the Committee on the Anskar Isamma Memorial State Archives and Library of the Senate.

(2) The Anskar Isamma Memorial State Archives and Library shall be constructed in Huyenkula. Funding for the project shall be by public subscription and donations of members of the Order of the Holy Lakes.

Adopted (12-0-6)
1727 14 20 That the Senate be prorogued until its dissolution Adopted unanimously