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The Lady Laegel
Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 4.VIII.1704 AN
Elected 1707
Faction Verionist List
Order of the Holy Lakes Lines of Osman, Tahmaseb, and Lewis (all by marriage)
Physical description
Gender Female
Race Elfinshi
Biographical information
Spouse(s) Isor Verion (m. 1698; widowed 1704)
Children Sirithil (1698)
Legolas (1698)
Zora (1702)
Date of birth 1656 AN (aged 52 AN years)
Place of birth Erudition (Shireroth Shireroth)

Aliande, 14th Lady Laegel (born 1656, aged 52 AN years) is a Shirerithian-born Elfinshi Hurmu businesswoman affiliated with the House of Laegel.

She became the Lady Laegel upon the death of her grandmother Avranel in 1702 (Aliande's own mother, Zora, having died two years earlier)

Married to Isor Verion since 1698, with whom she has a set of twins, a daughter, Sirithil, and a son, Legolas Isorion Verion, both born in 1699. In 1702, she gave birth to another daughter, Zora. Sirithil is heir-apparent to the position of Lady Laegel.

A widow as of 1704 AN following the abduction and murder of her husband by mercenary bandits associated with a failed coup attempt in Hurmu. Aliande, the Lady Laegel's children enjoy the benefit of a specialist police protection detail provided by the Hurmu Constabulary during the difficult time facing the Hurmu nation. In gratitude for this protection the Lady Laegel was invited to assist in the correction of certain misconceptions and conspiracies which had arisen in the chaotic aftermath of the Barikalus organised terror attack on Huyenkula and the murder of her husband.