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Avranel, Lady Laegel (1612–1702) was an Elfinshi noblewoman, and is the thirteenth Lady Laegel and the head of the house of Laegel. Exiled to Hurmu following the fall of Chryse to Elwynn.


She was the daughter of the 12th Lady Laegel, Vea Sina, and the Elwynnese gentleman Nidar Egarion. She was the only child of that marriage.

In 1634, Avranel married Jonathan Lentworth, a Natopian investment banker. They had two children, a son, Mastadir (born 1636), and a daughter, Zora (1638–1700). Zora was the heir apparent to the Laegel estate, but predeceased Avranel. As such, Aliande (b. 1656) inherited Laegel.