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Eliza Aabooð

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Eliza Aabooð
Former Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 2.VII.1703 AN
Tenure ended 24.XV.1712 AN (9 AN years)
Elected 1707
Faction Ayreonist (until 1707)
United Ayreonist–Traditionalist (from 1708)
Order of the Holy Lakes Line of Akkare
Comment Senator also 1697 AN1701 AN (4 AN years)
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human
Biographical information
Father Pedar Aabooð (1589–1696)
Mother Mina Akkare
Spouse(s) Jaan Uusman (1628–1715)
Children Johannes (1665)
Leon (1668)
Date of birth 1632 AN (aged 86 AN years)
Place of birth Lakkvia Lakkvia

Eliza Aabooð (born in Lakkvia, 1632, aged 86) is a Hurmu politician and a former senator of the Lakes (1697–1701; 1703–1712) representing the Ayreonist List. First alternate since 1702, as she failed to be re-elected in 1701. She became a senator, however, upon the death of Ayreonist senator Kir Azariah Vidar, for whom she was alternate, on 2.VII.1703. Became Minister for the Lake District in 1704 in the newly formed fourth cabinet of Daniyal al-Osman.

The middle child of former chair of the Board of Trustees of the Order of the Holy Lakes, Mina Akkare (1600–1696), and Pedar Aabooð (1589–1696), Eliza Aabooð grew up in an ethnic Hurmu setting in Lakkvia. She speaks Hurmu Norse as her native language, having learnt Istvanistani and Lakkvian in school. Her elder brother is Simon Aabooð and her younger sister Loova Aabooð.

Educated at the University of Lakkvia in Vesüha, Eliza Aabooð is a lawyer specialised in maritime and environmental law.

In 1663, Eliza Aabooð married Jaan Uusman (1628–1715), an ethnic Lakkvian. They have two sons together, Johannes (b. 1665) and Leon (1668). Through their sons, Eliza and Jaan have four grandchildren.

In 1695, she stood for election to the Senate for the Ayreonist List as number 4 on the list. In the election, the Ayreonist list managed only to grab 3 seats, and thus Eliza Aabooð was not elected to Senate. Upon the resignation of Catarina de Todos los Santos u-Kart in 1697, Eliza Aabooð was next in line for a seat and was sworn in almost immediately. In the Senate, she sat on the committee for diplomatic relations. In that position, she also had a seat on the Joint Council of Eesdeheito.

She did not contest the 1712 Hurmu general elections, and left her seat in the Senate following the conclusion of her term, to begin a happy retirement in the Lake District countryside. Her husband, Jaan, died on 27.XV.1715.