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Emperor Takashi

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Emperor Takashi
Full name Takashi I
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style straight
Eye color Dark
Skin color Black
Other beard
Biographical information
Father Emperor Seiji
Mother Yua
Date of birth 1676 AN
Place of birth Sanpantul
Residence(s) Kyūden and Takatu Palace in Kipei, Ohukyuden in Ōhu
Nationality Sanpanese, Order of the Holy Lakes
Allegiance(s) Sanpantul
Occupation Emperor of Sanpantul

Takashi Tonugawa 天戸怒川 (Takashi to ika wa?), is the former living crown prince of Sanpantul. Being seriously injured during the War of Succession, he withdrew his request. He served as governor of Sakai and Koteku. He also served briefly as Sanpantul Annexation Minister. He is not currently working undercover and has never been married. He became emperor after his brother Emperor Hiroto abdicated in 1729.

He married with Anushka Farrah in 1731.