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Emperor Seiji

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Emperor Seiji
Full name Seiji I
Physical information
Species Human
Race Sanpanese
Gender Male
Hair color and style straight
Eye color Dark
Skin color Black
Other beard
Biographical information
Father Atsushi
Mother Ayaka
Date of birth 1634 AN
Place of birth East Sandwich Island
Date of death 1695 AN
Residence(s) Kyūden and Takatu Palace in Kipei, Ohukyuden in Ōhu
Nationality Sanpanese (at the time in exile)
Allegiance(s) Sanpantul
Occupation Empire of Sanpantul

Emperor Seiji, other title is Seiji I, Sanpantul Emperor from 1676 AN and member of Tonugawa Dynasty.He was born in Skerry Isles.

He made a great contribution to the establishment of Sanpantul and he was the first emperor of the country with the religious ceremony held in 1676 AN and the coronation that took place thereafter.