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Kaspar Soleimân

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Kaspar Soleimân
Kaspar Soleimân Ermo-ra-Araezelion
Former Senator of Elwynn and Senator of the Lakes
Tenure began 1586
Tenure ended 1589
Senate(s) IV
Physical description
Gender Male
Race Elfinshi
Hair colour and style Blond
Skin colour White
Biographical information
Father Mahmoud (né Marion)
Mother Ghoma (née Galadriel)
Spouse(s) Vaya
Children Mirza Soleimanzadeh
Date of birth 1561
Place of birth Ioodana, Illumination
Date of death 1589
Place of death Eliria

Kaspar Soleimân was an Elwynnese and naturalized Babkhan civil servant, senator and Emir of Sathrati (1586–1589). He was the instigator, planner and financer of the assassination of Prince Daniel Kalirion and the Senate hostage crisis (1589) in which Prince Nathan Dariolin was killed. Jarl of the Vaan Aujoen (1586–1589).

Kaspar Ermo-ra-Araezelion was born in the village of Ioodana, in 1562 to a family of Elw-speaking Elfinshi parents. His father was Marion, later Mahmoud (1535–1598), and his mother was Galadriel (later Ghoma) (1538–1598) The family hailed from Menelmacar originally, and came to Elwynn in 1475 during the reign of Duchess Sirithil nos Fëanor. The original family name was Noldormenel which was soon translated to Elw (Ermo-ra-Araezelion) in official correspondence.

In 1567, during the social upheaval in Illumination after the Elwynnese declaration of independence, the family fled to Amokolia where they sought asylum. Asylum was not granted, and the family found their way to Babkha, where asylum was given.

Kaspar started school in Vey, where he earned the nickname Soleiman which he later adopted as a second name. While in Vey, he met a boy, Yaghub Kalirion, of a similar age of Hyperborean extraction who had also fled to Babkha. Kaspar and Yaghub helped each other learn Babkhan and understand the culture of Babkha. Later, in 1587, Yaghub convinced Kaiser Loki IV to be his successor to the throne. Yaghub became Kaiser Hasan II the same year.

Kaspar was very loyal to his new homeland, and while proud of his Elwynnese heritage, he was a Babkhan patriot. He believed in the Harmonious Society and thought it was the best system in the world. Although he dreamed of returning to Elwynn, he hoped that Elwynn would join Babkha’s Harmonious Society.

In 1568, Mahmoud, an economist with an MBA from the People's Academy, became the manager of the estate of Emir of Sathrati, Elwynn's Prince Daniel Kalirion). The Araezelion family and Daniel became very close. When Prince Daniel in 1572 lost his wife, Mahmoud was promoted to Steward, second to Daniel in running the estate.

Kaspar was exceptionally beautiful, and Babkhans exotified his blond hair. Prince Daniel also was very fond of the young Kaspar's handsome appearance. He made sexual overtures to the young Kaspar beginning in late 1577, and although Kaspar to a beginning enjoyed them, he soon detested them as he found them to be contrary to the Harmonious Society, as he did not want to contract a relationship with Kaspar. Mahmoud, however, encouraged the contraction, as long as some honour would befall the family. After a series of negotiations between Prince Daniel and Mahmoud and Kaspar, a contract for relationship between Prince Daniel and Kaspar was finalized. In turn, Mahmoud gave up his role as steward of the estate in favour of his son. Kaspar was also given a wife, Vaya (born 1558)

Vaya and Kaspar had a son in 1578, Mahmoud Soleimanzadeh Erzelyun (Babkhanized version of Araezelion), who after 1586 became known as Mirza Soleimanzadeh.

Kaspar’s loyalty to the Harmonious Society deepened in 1584 (a note from SAVAK includes a warning on Kaspar’s fundamentalist nature), and Kaspar wanted Daniel to reform Elwynn under Babkha's model on the Harmonious Society. When Daniel declined to do so, saying that that system would not fit Elwynn’s circumstances, Kaspar’s view of Daniel changed. Daniel was no longer a good lord, but a traitor. Kaspar refused to uphold his part of the contractual obligation. The infuriated Daniel threatened Kaspar with a trip to the court, and Kaspar offered to renegotiate the contract instead. The new contract gave Daniel more rights over Kaspar, in turn for Kaspar to succeed parts of Daniel’s estate in Babkha and Elwynn. The agreement was signed, and Kaspar began immediately plotting for Prince Daniel’s death. However, Kaspar managed to forge a copy of Prince Daniel’s last will and testament that made Kaspar the beneficiary of almost all of Daniel’s estate across the world.

In 1586, agents hired by Kaspar assassinated Prince Daniel at Andelarion House. Victorious, but ouwardly in grief, Kaspar inherited most that was Daniel’s, overlooking the young Elijah, and was quickly elected to the Elwynnese Senate. Kaspar knew very little about Elwynnese politics, and was frustrated with them. He wanted to bring the Harmonious Society to Elwynn but realized soon that it would be impossible with the current Senate. By 1587, Elijah had become a politican in Shireroth, and in 1588 made Kaiser in Shireroth and elected honorary Senator in Elwynn. Further, Elijah’s marriage to Nathan complicated matters.

So in 1589 Kaspar orchestrated of a full sitting of the Senate, into which he introduced Emirati guardsmen from his own private security force and swiftly took the senators hostage, securing the Eliria Castle after encountering minimal resistance. Unfortunately for Kaspar, the plan did not work, as a joint IBAF-UDF counter-terrorism mission, spearheaded the Jâvidân Battalion, retook the castle after a fierce gun battle. However the hostage rescue operation miscarried, owning to poor coordination amongst UDF elements assigned to perimeter security, and in consequence several persons died, among which Prince Nathan Dariolin, Daniel’s predecessor in holding the Elwynnese principate.

Kaspar was captured by the Babkhan commando unit and taken to their consulate, where he was beaten to death by SAVAK interrogators under the close supervision of the Emir of Raspur. The official cause of death was given as suicide, a doomed attempt by Kaspar to forestall his extradition to Babkha.

He was succeeded to the Emirate of Sathrati by his son Mirza Soleimanzadeh.

His reputation enjoyed a measure of rehabilitation in the early 18th Century after Norton as the role played by a conspiracy of democratic politicians in fomenting the cataclysmic Second Elwynnese Civil War did much to vindicate a man whose singular intent in an earlier age had been to sweep them all away at bayonet point. Whenever a democracy or civil rights activist was put to death in the modern realm of Elluenuueq after 1698 AN his or her remains would invariably end up being staked out before the monument of Kaspar which his supporters had erected in the bailiwick of Babran. The dead, thus arranged, are offered as a sacrifice to his shade and to his memory.

Preceded by:
Daniel Kalirion
Emir of Sathrati
Succeeded by
Mirza Soleimanzadeh
Preceded by:
Daniel Kalirion (ish)
Marquis Shishin
Succeeded by
Mirza Soleimanzadeh