Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe

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Benjamin Bartholomew Wythe (born in the Green, 1555, died 1589 in a skiing accident) was a Shirerithian nobleman and Duke of Goldshire in 1589. The son of Johnathan Nelson Wythe, Benjamin inherited his father's titles and estate upon the father's death in 1589. He was famous for having fathered 14 children with his wife Elizabeth Margaret Daniels.

As duke, Benjamin continued many of his father's reforms and began his reign by completing what the previous Duke started; he formally established the Goldshire House of Lords. Not long after succeeding to the dukedom, Benjamin founded the University of Goldshire, which was the flagship institute of higher education in the Duchy of Goldshire, the University of Holly and Zolt College. Further continuing his efforts to increase the quality of education within Goldshire, Benjamin established The Wendor School, the official preparatory institute of the Duchy.

Benjamin also created the Goldshire Honours System which is designed to recognize positive contributions to the community by granting various accolades.

In an ecumenical attempt to understand other cultures with Shireroth, Benjamin acquired Sanillan citizenship in 1589 AN. Upon accepting citizenship, he was immediately appointed the Governor of Governor of Highpass.

Not long after his succession to the Duchy of Goldshire in 1589, Kaiser Ayreon II appointed Benjamin to Steward of Shireroth and announced him as the heir to the Kaisership. After the unrest in West Elwynn and the imprisonment of Kaiser Ayreon II, Benjamin declared a Steward Government. As ruling Steward, he issued Steward Decree #554 which ordered the arrest and prosecution of the Empress of Safiria on charges of treason and various violations of the Protectorate Definition Act and the Protectorate of Safiria Act. However, one month later he pardoned the Empress of any and crimes against the Crown. He also championed the reestablishment of the Metzler University.

Benjamin I died in 1589 after an unfortunate skiing accident. Upon his death, the Duchy of Goldshire, its subsidiary titles and offices, as well as his considerable wealth passed to his eldest son, Johnathan II, 3rd Duke of Goldshire.


    • Lord Johnathan Nelson Wythe II (1573–1591)
      • Prince Montgomery of Shireroth (born 1589)
      • Prince Alexander of Shireroth (1589–1640)
        • Lord Chrysostom Wythe, Viscount Holly-Wythe (born 1607)
          • Lord Caspar Chrysostom Wythe (1633–1671)
            • Lord Cassian Caspar Chrysostom Wythe (born 1660)
              • Lord Caspian Cassander Wythe (born 1693)
            • Lady Elizabeth Celeste Wythe (born 1662)
              • Lady Mélanie Claire de Coster (born 1682)
              • Lady Jeanne Isabelle de Coster (born 1682)
              • Lady Celestine Elisabeth de Coster (born 1684)
          • Lord Jeremiah Benjamin Wythe (born 1635)
            • Lord Patrick Montgomery Wythe (born 1664)
            • Lady Amanda Carola Wythe (born 1667)
          • Lord Edan Naftali Wythe (born 1673)
          • Lady Dina Ephrata Wythe (born 1679)
        • Lady Alexandra Désirée (born 1609)
          • Descendants
    • Lord Montgomery Henry Wythe (1574–1659)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Chester David Wythe (1575–1683)
      • Descendants
    • Lady Caroline Jane Wythe (1576–1631)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Charles Thomas Wythe (1577–1672)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Christopher Octavius Wythe (1578–1656)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Cormac Robert Wythe (1578–1666)
      • Descendants
    • Lord William Alan Wythe (1578–1677)
      • Descendants
    • Lord James Joseph Wythe (1580–1605)
      • Descendants
    • Lady Alison Penelope Wythe (1581–1599 )
      • Descendants
    • Lord Rutherford Beets Wythe (1582–1681)
      • Descendants
    • Lord George Adelbert Wythe (1583–1672 )
      • Descendants
    • Lady Constance Elwynn Wythe (1584–1683)
      • Descendants
    • Lord Finlay Colin Wythe (1585–1682)
      • Descendants
    • Lady Isla Blair Wythe (born 1587)
      • Descendants