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  • Màimàineleíþ Firnerámnen
  • Queendom of Firnerámnen
  • Firnerámnen name.svg
Flag of Safiria
Coat of Arms of Safiria
Coat of Arms
Motto: Libitina (unofficial) (Classical Âirumâli)
She defies fate
She makes her own fate
Anthem: File:Hymn of Queen Varia.ogg
Location of Safiria
Map versions 14.6.3 — 15.6.3
Capital Aňira
Official language(s)
Official religion(s) Ilathnarari
  • Firnerámnese
  • Safirian
 - Adjective
  • Firnerámnese
  • Safirian
Government Federal strong constitutional monarchy and parliamentary consensus democracy
 - Queen Vâstra II
 - Minister-President Yrkivre Nyturi Selén Âstraja Leido
 - Legislature Grand Table
Establishment April 2010 (OOC)
Area 8,858,898 km² (IC)
Population 194,538,210 (IC)
Active population N/A
Currency Ari (₳)
Calendar Firnerámnese calendar
Time zone(s)
Mains electricity
Driving side Left
Track gauge
National website [1]
National forum TBA
National animal Daian dragon
National food Yfarseu
National drink Arra
National tree Banyan
Abbreviation SFR