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Sora Kalir (born circa 1403, went missing 1421), known under several names (see below), was the elusive wife of Prince Paul Raynor, Duke of Brookshire. Described as a "girl" in Hyperborean and Shirerithian texts, she was courted by Prince Paul during negotiations in Tala on Hyperborean integration (annexation) to Shireroth circa 1419. They married, against the wishes of both governments, and had first, a girl, named Isa Raynor in 1420, and then a son, Kian in 1421. Three months into their marriage, Sora disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again. She is progenitor of the imperial bloodlines of Ayreon-Kalirion and Kalir.

Historians write:

"Sora (who apparently took, or was given, the Brookshirerithian name Sara) lived in Brookshire as Duchess for two years. During that time, she was as quiet and devoid of impact as during her time in Hyperborea. She scandalized the court by never appearing at state dinners, refused any servants except for two young children, and many confidantes of the Duke report never having seen her. The only reason she remains of interest to Brookshirithian historians at all is her disappearance in 3260. One day, the Duke woke up and the Duchess simply was not there. Court officials immediately suspected foul play, but no ransom notes or demands sprang up, the Duke had no real enemies, and the Duchess was so apolitical that no faction could conceivably benefit from her removal.

"The Duke, though fanatically devoted to his wife during their marriage, seemed only mildly upset by her disappearance. He remarried within three months, to the daughter of the Baron of Lunaris - a textbook standard match for the nobility of the era. The new Duchess got the responsibility of raising Paul and Sora's son, Kian, who was four months old at the time of his mother's disappearance. She did so only partially and distantly, leaving most of his upbringing to various governesses hired for the task. We know from Brookshire court records that he was raised as a proper Brookshirithian heir in every way. Although his guardians made no secret of his part-Hyperborean ancestry, they did not make any attempt to instruct him in Hyperborean culture, and he, for his part, did not make any attempt to learn it.


  • Sora (in the Book of the Dolphin King)
  • Soran (in the Book of the Dolphin King)
  • Sara, Duchess of Brookshire (in the Annals of Brookshire)
  • Sirin (in the Book of the Benacian Conquest)
  • Sairia (in the Book of the Benacian Conquest)
  • Aira (according to historian Meigi Arision)
  • Yarin (according to historian Meigi Arision)