Lelyonna Vialundo

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Lelyonna Vialundo (1436–1541?) was a MenelmacariElfinshi politician and poet. Married for a while to Hurmu politician Joshua Aradoika (until 1479), with whom she had a son, Ansur. Sided with Sirithil during the 1477 coup d'état. She was a close friend of Ric Lyon, and helped him remain a citizen in both post-coup Menelmacars, and opposed all efforts of reunification. After the collapse of the Sirithilist government in Caras Menelmacar, she emigrated and moved to New Britannia. She went missing around 1540–1541 and is believed to have died.

She wrote her poetry in both High Elfinshi and Army Crandish. Her most famous poem was "Bananer är gula, ja så oerhört fula" ("Bananas are yellow, oh, so terribly ugly"), published in a pamphlet, the publication of which caused discord across the Menelmacari nation.