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Asara Waffel-Paine

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Asara Waffel-Paine
Full name Asara Sisu Dhury of Waffel-Paine
AKA Asara, The 13th Dhury
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color and style Long, black hair with soft curls
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Biographical information
Father Naian Waffel-Paine
Mother Sundara Dhury
Date of birth 1624
Place of birth Myrtilis, Flaventia
Date of death 1647
Place of death Whalesong Sea
Residence(s) Lindstrom, Anmutstadt, Tassity
Nationality Natopian
Allegiance(s) Natopia
Occupation Empress

Asara Sisu Dhury of Waffel-Paine (born 1624, died 1647) was Empress of the Natopians from 1644, when she succeeded to the Imperial Throne of Natopia upon the abdication of her father, Naian the Evergreen, until 1647, when the renegade lord Adam Anushiruwân murdered her. She was married to Kyle Kilynn. Their son is Nathan Anders Aharsi, their daughter is called Clara Sundara. She was the Faro of Flaventia serving as Queen of Ziegeland, Rani of Tas Neemia, and Lady of Yellow Island. She also was the Avatar of the House of Waffel-Paine, being a direct descendant of Nathan Waffel-Paine, her paternal grandfather.

Titles and Styles

Asara Sisu 's full titles were: Empress of the Natopians by the Grace of Bous, Triumphal Defender of the Four Quarters, Lady of Tarsica; Faro of Flaventia, Queen of Ziegeland, Rani of Tas Neemia, Ruler of the Inner and Outer Lands, Lord of Yellow Island; Duchess of Lochhatonia, Duchess of Ynnraile, Countess of New Dracoheim, Countess of the River Egale, Countess of Mertfray, Countess of Holwinn, and Countess of Syrelwynn; Avatar of the House of Waffel-Paine, Scion of the Three Peoples, Vessel of Dual Natures, Progeny of the Once-Living God, Thirteenth Reincarnation of The Dhury, Lady in Jorvik, Marquise of Lükanburg, Conqueror of Dracoheim, Uniter of the Demesnes, Protector of the Eternal Nation, Guardian of the Icons of the State, Grand Mayor of Lindstrom City, Wielder of the Sword of Sovereignty, Scourge of Lavalon; Bosarch of Tassity, Mistress of the Cathedral of St. Taznim, Servant of the Church; Sovereign of the Ancient and Secret Order of the Black Hole, Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the Bay, Lady of the Holy Lakes

Imperial and Royal House of Waffel-Paine
New DIL Flaventia Arms.png

Emperor of the Natopians: Nathan I, Nathaniel, Naian, Asara, Zakyyr, Nathan II, Nathan III, Vadoma
Kaiser of Shireroth: Ayreon II, Noor, Ayreon IV, Salome
Prince of Elwynn: Nathan, Erion, Ayreon II, Nathaniel, Aldin
King of Drak-Modan: Nathan II

Founder: Nathan Waffel-Paine

Current Avatar: Nathan II

She was also entitled to the following styles:

Preceded by:
Naian Waffel-Paine
Empress of the Natopians
Succeeded by
Zakyyr Angus-Moonoak
Preceded by:
Naian Waffel-Paine
Faro of Flaventia
Succeeded by
Nathan II