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Vilhjálm Daniel Gudrödar

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Vilhjálm Daniel Gudrödar
Full name Vilhjálm Daniel Gudrödar
AKA Vili (Elw)
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style auburn wavey hair
Eye color blue
Skin color white
Other 193 cm tall
Biographical information
Father Thorstein Noah Hallbjörnsson
Mother Noor as-Salaam bint Daniyal Umra Suleiman
Date of birth 1635 AN
Place of birth Teldrin
Date of death 1685 AN
Place of death Haraldsborg
Nationality Elwynnese, Frankish, Storish
Allegiance(s) Stormark
Occupation Prince of Amokolia

Vilhjálm Daniel Gudrödar of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati‎‎ was the firstborn son of Thorstein Noah Hallbjörnsson of the Houses of Ayreon-Kalirion and of the Descendants of Freyja and the fifth son of Noor as-Salaam bint Daniyal Umra Suleiman Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati Umm Zahir al-Din.

Vilhjalm Daniel Gudrödar – who was named after Vilhjalm Kormak, Prince Daniel Kalirion and High King Harald's father – lived a sheltered life, other than appearing on public occasions as a member of the Royal Family of Elwynn. For example, in 1636, he participated in the Arvingstekja ceremony, in which he was publicly confirmed the heir to the Elwynnese throne.

In 1651, when a coup was committed in which the King of Elwynn, Thorstein Noah Hallbjörnsson, was deposed. By law, Vilhjalm he became king of Elwynn. He was charged with all executive, legislative and judicial powers if exercised through the advice Council of Eliria. He appointed the SLORC troika King Ryker Everstone of Goldshire, Jeremy Archer and Heath Belledin to the Council of Eliria, effectively giving this troika full power over Elwynn. His reign ended in 1653 by the adoption of the 1653 Constitution of the Elwynnese Republic (which formed the basis for the 1671 one). He was a transitory head of state of the republic as Prince of Elwynn until the Senate elected a replacement later the same year (Liv Dravot), whereafter he retired from politics, resigned all his noble and other titles, and declared himself a loyal subject of the Kaiser under King Ryker Everstone, becoming effectively Ryker's property. He underwent castration in the year 1653, in accordance to the Edict of the Kaiser ordering the castration of all male Froyalaners. He later stated that his castration was not voluntary, despite the fact that it as such was portrayed at that time.

As King Ryker's existence has been deemed, by the authorities of the Sovereign Confederation, to have continued past the point of the expiry of his physical form, he remained bound as a Loyal Subject to the operating system that inherited the old King's consciousness. The King, though now disembodied, retained his taste for the earthly pleasures and did often commune with him for the purpose of vicariously sensing what it was to be alive. This did however necessitate a certain amount of surgical intervention, cranial augmentation, and neural grafting, so as to establish a serviceable interface. For this reason he was housed at the Augur Industries research centre located in Kingsgate and, on account of discretion and professional courtesy, was known only by his serial number during the periods of "downtime" when he was not in communion with the operating system.

In 1656 AN he approached the Elwynnese senate, on the instruction of King Ryker, to request a decree that annulled the marriage between the parents of Vilhjálm Daniel Gudrödar and Esther Fatima Gudrid. The petition was granted. Consequently he was given the bastard surname Esposito (Tellian for "exposed"), which in Shirerithian tradition is given to caste-shamed deposed individuals from the nobility. That is how he became known as Villy Esposito.

Following the Second Amokolian War Villy was included in the head count of surviving Froyalaners earmarked for deportation to Francia in the event of a satisfactory peace being negotiated. As such he became one of the multitude whose fate became tied in the dying days of 1679 to the return of the city of Mittlere Stadt to Elwynn. On 10.III.1680, following the conclusion of the Treaty of Mittlere Stadt, he was transferred to Fröjaländarläger Malexanderstad, awaiting admittance to Francia, which occurred on I.VII.1680.

At his meeting with his liberator, Kaiser Arkadius Frederik Gustavus des Vinandy. No longer after that did he know that before the Froyalan Tribunal, after which he was included in the witness protection program. In an effort to protect Vilhjalm's dignity, the Frankish government fabricated the story of Travis Barrett – in which "Travis" had pretended to be Vilhjalm. This was all untrue.

Vilhjalm was "repatriated" to Stormark, where he received treatment for repeated traumas. Five years later, his body was found dead after the collapse of Stormark. The body was recovered by the Order of the Holy Lakes, who ensured him a simple but dignified cremation in Lake Anset, according to the rites of the Hurmu religion.

Titles and Styles

Prince Vilhjálm's full titles are: Prince of Amokolia, Shahzade Bey of Hjartahorn, Prince of Elwynn, Llængjarl of Elwynn, Imperial Prince of Shireroth, Count of Northshire, Count of Arietta, Count of the Lady Esther Isles, Lord in Jorvik, Scion of St. Harald, Knight of the Holy Lakes, Scion of the King of Kings.

He is also entilted to the following styles:

  • His Riverine Highness (as Prince of Elwynn);
  • His Imperial Highness (as member of the House of Ayreon-Kalirion); and
  • His Royal Highness (as Prince of Elwynn).

These titles are disputed because of the decree of the Elwynnese senate.