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Allswell (Elw: Оолзуэл, Oolzuyl; founded as Beebullahabad, Elw: Бииболлахабод, Biibollahabod) is an Elwynnese bailiwick located on the eastern bank of the Blue Elwynn in the Alalehzamini Autonomous Republic. With a population of 1,804,627 (1680), it is one the ten largest cities in Elwynn. Allswell borders Daryapur in the north, Dakhm ul Jinn in the west, and Sheikhshahr in the south. Together, Allswell, Daryapur, Dakhm ul Jinn and Sheikhshahr constitute the Allswell Metropolitan Area with a combined population of more than 3.7 million people.

Allswell is known for being Elwynn's centre of Umraist religion. Founded by Beebullah, an Umraist scholar in 1492 (and, by some regarded as, an extremist), the city kept its name as Beebullahabad until Elwynn's first independence in 1567 when its name was changed to a more neutral name. The origin of this name, being in Istvanistani, is, however, unknown. Even so, the Umraist influences on Allswell are numerous. It houses an Umraist university, the Madrassa of Beebullahabad, and has several mosques which call out to prayer several times a day.

Under the Constitution of Elwynn, Babkhi is the sole official language of the bailiwick, despite its official name being in Istvanistani.

Cathedral city of the Diocese of Allswell (Church of Elwynn).