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The Shirekeep Benacian Institute, located in Cabbagefall.
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Coat of Arms / Symbol of the District
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City: Shirekeep, Imperial Republic of Shireroth
Bailiwicks: Cabbagefall · Foley · Greenwood · Inner City · Lichkeep · Saint Zor · Valley of Mors
City Districts of the Inner City: I. Raynor's Keep · II. Treesian Quarter · III. Audente Quarter · IV. Spiritual Observatory District · V. Soloralist Quarter · VI. Boreal Quarter · VII. The Old City · VIII. Zirandorthel District · IX. Esagila District · X. Yardistani Quarter · XI. Diplomatic District · XII. The Hub · XIII. The Rim · XIV. The Ancient City  · XV. The Docklands (West) · XVI. Northshire

Cabbagefall is a bailiwick of Shirekeep, Shireroth's capital, that incorporates the territory of Shirekeep across the eastern bank of the White Elwynn. For much of the modern era the suburb remained chiefly notable as the origin point for the worst plague in Benacian history.

Cabbagefall's land borders are all with Ransenar. Bridges, tunnels and ferries provide access to the rest of Shirekeep and Shireroth.

Notable establishments in Cabbagefall include the Shirekeep Benacian Institute and the legation residency of the Benacian Union.


The district is governed by a Quarter Council, elected by the residents of Cabbagefall, which is chaired by a Provost for a period of three years. The Provost acts as the chief executive of the quarter and is responsible for implementing the policies and decisions of the Quarter Council.


The docks of Cabbagefall, ran by the Worshipful Company of Dockworkers, are referred to as the Eastern Docklands.

The economy of Cabbagefall is controlled in large measure by local chapters of the Guilds of Benacia. These include:

  1. The Guild of Dunporters, who are responsible for removing the waste of the community and using it as fertiliser for farming. They also include yeoman farmers and other rural workers.
  2. The Guild of Artisans, who are responsible for creating the goods necessary for society and trade.
  3. The Guild of Artificers, who are skilled craftsmen who create luxury goods for export.
  4. The Guild of Factors, who handle the export of finished goods and the import of raw materials.
  5. The Guild of Aldermen, who are the fifty most capable individuals in each district, chosen by competitive examination to serve the Provost of the Quarter as a Worshipful Corporation for the municipality.

Cabbagefall's economy is based on this traditional guild system, which ensures that all aspects of the community are taken care of and that the district runs smoothly.

Critical to the prosperity of the district is the river trade. The Worshipful Company of Dockworkers is a key component of the local chapter of the Guild of Factors in Cabbagefall. They are responsible for the loading and unloading of cargo along the White Elwynn River, which serves as the main trade route between Shirekeep and the river ports controlled by the Benacian Union. This river trade is vital to the prosperity of the district, as it allows for the import of raw materials and export of finished goods, thereby supporting the local economy.

The dockworkers are skilled in handling various types of cargo, from heavy machinery to delicate textiles, and they work in close coordination with the merchants of the Guild of Factors to ensure that all shipments are handled efficiently and safely. They are also responsible for the maintenance and repair of the docks and warehouses, ensuring that they are always in good condition for the next shipment.

The Worshipful Company of Dockworkers is also responsible for the security of the cargo and the docks, working closely with the local authorities to prevent theft and smuggling. They also handle disputes and grievances among the merchants and traders, ensuring that trade flows smoothly.


Monuments to the goddess Viviantia, and 'Benacian Unity and the Ascendant Human Supremacy', erected on Corporation Street in III.1724 AN, following generous donations by anonymous benefactors.


The Cabbagefall Dockworkers and Clerks Orphans Schools, jointly funded by the Worshipful Company of Dockworkers and the Shirekeep Benacian Institute, provides an elementary education for the children of destitute denizens in the bailiwick.