Janus Eadric Sr

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His Serene Highness,
the Prince of Dos Gardenias and Neridia

Janus I
House House of Eadric
Father Cillian Eadric (Shirerithian)
Mother Platea Cholomondley (Natopian)
  • Feidmlid (b. 1613 AN)
  • Caelan (b. 1615)
  • Niamh (b. 1617)
  • Janus Jr. (b. 1617)
  • Andrew (b.1619)
  • Nathalie (b. 1620)
Born 23.IX.1587 AN
Geneva, Alexandria[1]

Prince Janus I of Neridia and Dos Gardenias (Janus Gaelen Joseph Eadric, born 23.IX.1587 AN), also known as Janus Eadric Sr. or Janus the Father, is the Prince of Neridia and Dos Gardenias. He is the first Prince of Neridia and Dos Gardenias and has held the post since 1621 AN, when it was originally just Prince of Neridia. He is the founder of the Neridian nation, initially as a venture from Shireroth, where he was first made Count of Ransenar in 1615 AN. He also served as Praetor of the Landsraad from 1618 AN to 1621 AN. His other titles are Prince of the Most Serene Union, Father of the Neridian Nation, and Count of Eadricton.

His first marriage to Goldshirian banking heiress Lucinda O'Leary lasted less than a year when she passed away in a massive car accident in 1609 AN. Janus remarried in 1611 AN to Maria Galatas, a prominent scientist from Zolt. His second marriage produced six children: Feidmlid (b. 1613 AN), Caelan (b. 1615 AN), Niamh (b. 1617 AN), Janus Jr. (b. 1617 AN), Prince Andrew (b. 1619 AN) and Nathalie (b. 1620 AN).

He is the founder of the House of Eadric and remains the leader of one of the most important noble houses in Western Natopia.

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Count of Ransenar

Praetor of the Landsraad

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Treaty of Graveacre

Neridia and Dos Gardenias under Janus

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Count of Ransenar

Prince of Neridia

Prince of Neridia and Dos Gardenias

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