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Turandokht Osmania

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Turandokht Osmania
Full name Turandokht Osmania
AKA Begum Turandokht Khanoum
Physical information
Species Human
Race Babkhi
Gender Female
Hair color and style dyed black hair, normally concealed behind a scarve.
Eye color Brown
Skin color Olive
Biographical information
Father Ardashir Moqtada al-Osmani
Mother Nilufar of Vey
Date of birth Amnure 7 Nomeziooqu, 1540
Place of birth Palace of One Thousand Columns, Ardashirshahr, Alalehzamin and Utasia
Date of death Izillare 8 Gevraquun, 1639
Place of death Palace of One Thousand Columns, Ardashirshahr, Alalehzamin and Utasia
Residence(s) Tower of Silence, Ardashirshahr, Alalehzamin and Utasia
Nationality Babkhano-Elwynnese Dual National
Allegiance(s) Elwynnese Union
Occupation Pensioner, ex-socialite

Turandokht Osmania was, in her youth, one of the more prominent faces in Alalehzamini society. She was awarded a doctorate of political science at the People's Academy of Elwynn. A prestigious qualification, said by some - unkindly - to have been awarded as the result of political patronage by her father and brother. She went on to serve in an unremarkable and brief stint as Representative of the Imperial Republic of Shireroth to the Small Commonwealth Office and other International Organizations in Shirekeep. This appointment being considered by many to be an example of the crass nepotism practised by Aurangzeb during his tenure as Kaiser.

Turandokht established and patronized a number of public cultural and charity organizations, many of which were condemned as vanity projects or front organisations for SAVAK operating in Shireroth. These included children's and youth competitions and festivals of the national scale, development of rural and urban hospitals, schools and kindergartens, projects at international level, including exhibitions, foreign presentations of the national arts and traditions, cultural, scientific and economic forums and conferences are reported, at least in state run Elwynnese publications, to have been conducted under her guidance. She was also known as the creator and designer of the short-lived clothing and fragrance brand «TURAN», which incurred substantial losses and obliged an embarrassed Ardashir al-Moqtada to pay off the debts owed to her creditors, believed to run into several hundreds of Erb, after which he effectively disinherited his daughter.

Although disgraced, she was however shielded from much of the turbulence that afflicted Elwynn by virtue of her family name. However, her family connections were not enough to prevent the confiscation of her private fortune by her nephew, Tokaray al-Osman, during the era of the Coordinated State, and after the Communist Revolution she was expelled from her grace and favour apartments in the Palace of One Thousand Columns of Ardashirshahr. She was subsequently restored to those apartments by the request of King Noah in 1637.

After a long and full live, characterised by many sudden changes of fortune, Turandokht passed away in the year 1639, surrounded by what remained of her family, ending her life in the same suite and in the same bed in which she had been born 99 years previously. Her will bequeathed such limited estates as she had latterly recovered in the final years of her life to her nephew Tokaray al-Osman, seemingly bearing him no ill will for the past, marking the final reconciliation of the surviving Benacian branch of the House of Osman.

Her body, after being subject to traditional Zurvanist funeral rites was placed on a bier in the Tower of Silence to be exposed to the elements and the carrion birds to allow for the corrupted flesh to rot away or be devoured. In accordance with tradition, the body will remain on the bier for a year before the purified bones are to be collected up, sealed in wax and then placed into a casket which will be blessed and interred in an ossuary set in the base of the tower.


By Aurangzeb al-Osman: