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Lyudmila Eduardovna

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Lyudmila Eduardovna
Lyudmila Eduardovna Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine, Princess of Shireroth
Former Senator of the Lakes
Lyudmila coa.png
Tenure began 1.I.1702 AN
Tenure ended 36.XV.1718 AN (16 AN years)
Senate(s) VIII, IX, X
Faction Traditionalist
Order of the Holy Lakes Lines of Andelarion, Osman, Tahmaseb, Arviður, Daniel Kalirion, Waffel-Paine, Octavius, Elijah Ayreon (all by marriage)
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human
Race Mishalanese
Biographical information
Father Eduard Davidovich Maksimilianov
Mother Evgeniya Sotnikova, the Countess of Schwinn
Spouse(s) Prince Rubin of Shireroth
Children Atreyu (b. 1695)
Valdemar (b. 1697)
Farzana Casimira (b. 1701)
Date of birth 1669 AN
Place of birth Shirekeep

Lyudmila Eduardovna (Mishalanese: Людмила Едуардовна), born 1669, is a MishalaneseShirerithian noblewoman and princess of Shireroth. Wife of Prince Rubin. Sister of Hopsy, daughter of Evgeniya Sotnikova, the Countess of Schwinn. In early 1694 betrothed to Prince Rubin, the youngest brother of Kaiseress Salome. They married on 3.VII.1694 in a ceremony in Raynor's Keep.

On 12.I.1695, Lyudmila gave birth to a son. Although premature, the child, named Atreyu Maximilian Octavius, was in good health. On 19.II.1697, a second son, named Valdemar al-Aziz, was born. On 17.II.1701, Lyudmila gave birth to a daughter, Farzana Casimira.

A member of the Order of the Holy Lakes by virtue of her marriage to Prince Rubin, she was elected to the Senate of the Lakes in 1701 for the Traditionalist List. She served in the Senate until the end of 1718.

Names and titles

Since her marriage she is endowed with the dignity of Imperial Highness and the title Princess of Shireroth.

  • 1669–1674: Lady Lyudmila Eduardovna Maksimilianova-Sotnikova
    • барышня Людмила Едуардовна Максимилианова-Сотникова
  • 1674–1688: Lady Lyudmila Eduardovna Maksimilianova-Khopskaya
    • барышня Людмила Едуардовна Максимилианова-Хопская
  • 1688–1694: Lady Lyudmila Eduardovna Maksimilianova-Shvinnskaya
    • барышня Людмила Едуардовна Максимилианова-Швиннская
  • 1694–present: Her Imperial Highness Lady Lyudmila Eduardovna Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed al-Osman bin Sathrati of Waffel-Paine, Princess of Shireroth, Lady of the Holy Lakes
    • Ее Императорское Высочество царевна Людмила Едуардовна Айреон-Калирион ибн ал-Маджид ал-Осман бин Сатрати Ваффел-Пейнская, княгиня Ширская, владычица Святых озер