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Osman Guadalim

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Osman Guadalim
1716 Osman Kalir.jpg
Full name Osman Guadalim
AKA Isor Osman Isorion
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Other Amputated little finger on the left hand
Biographical information
Father Isor Verion
Mother Ayesha al-Osman
Spouse Agnes Hartwigsdohtor Merrick
Date of birth 1687 AN
Place of birth Chryse
Residence(s) House of the Rising Sun (Agra, Çakaristan)
Allegiance(s) Order of the Holy Lakes
Occupation Ambassador

Osman Guadalim al-Osman (né Isor Osman Isorion Isor, b. 1687) is the ambassador of Hurmu to Çakaristan. He is the eldest son of Isor Isor and Ayesha al-Osman (his twin brother Ardashir Kalir was born a few minutes later). His surname was changed upon his parents' divorce. His half-brother Legolas Isorion Verion is also an ambassador of Hurmu (to Calbion).

Educated and indoctrinated by the Honourable Company as one of the Honoured Sons in ESB Group (Apollonia) before finding placement at the ESB-Hurmudanka Voluntary Association, where he received the grade and title of Intendent of Cargo & Customs. Duties at the ESB-HVA included acting as site liaison officer for Leila Adalani Djupvik, in which position he secured from her patronage for his advancement in the regime of Daniyal al-Osman. Eighth candidate (unelected) for the Humanist List in the 1707 Hurmu general elections. Minister for Eesdeheito (1710 AN1713 AN).

Agnes Hartwigsdohtor Merrick, accompanied by three class of 1714 graduates from the Bothan Institute, was assigned to his household by the N&H Future Leadership Programme on 24.II.1717 AN, prior to his return to Huyenkula to assume duties in the diplomatic service of Hurmu at the behest of Jamshid-e Osman. He promptly married Agnes (on 6.III.1717, civil ceremony, Huyenkula) after having spent a day and a half with her, and assigned the other three as his wife's attendants, with secondary concubinage duties.

On 20.III.1717, the Chancellor of the Order of the Holy Lakes, as countersigned by the Commander of the Order of the Holy Lakes and the Secretary of State for External Relations, appointed Osman Guadalim to the position of ambassador to Çakaristan, replacing Emiilia Ask who wished to retire.

His life began to be attended by misfortunes, after he was entered as a candidate for the United Ayreonist–Traditionalist List in the 1718 Hurmu general elections. This being considered in Humanist circles to be a betrayal no less damnable than the cowardice shown by Temüjin al-Osman in the District of Moorland. Dark rumours swirl that a "Court of Honour" has been convoked amongst his kin in order to determine his fate.

On a visit back to Huyenkula, in the Palace of the Elenaran, he was observed to have tea with his father's second wife, Aliande, and his half-siblings, Sirithil and Legolas, which, further, did not strengthen his stature among humanists. On his return to Agra, he and his nine-month pregnant wife were summoned to the Benacian Union embassy, where his twin brother – the BU ambassador there – told him that he needed to make amends, for the sake of the movement, given the precarious post-election situation in Hurmu. Immediately after the meeting, Agnes went into labour, and gave birth to a daughter, which Osman named Azada.