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Regina Verion

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Regina Verion
Full name Regina Verion
AKA Regina I
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair color and style brown
Eye color blue
Skin color white
Biographical information
Father Alix Darylion-Verion
Mother Alissa Al-Osman
Date of birth 1634 AN
Place of birth Wolfraven, Cimmeria
Residence(s) Valarion, Gran Verionia
Nationality Verionian
Allegiance(s) House of Verion, Gran Verionia, Iron Company
Occupation President of the Council of Government, Princess of Valarion

Her Illustrious Majesty and Noble born Highness, her Excellency the President of the Council of Government Regina Dolores Verion, also known as Regina I, Princess of Valarion is an Elwynnese-born Verionian noblewoman. She is a member of the prominent Shirithian Imperial dynasty, the House of Verion.

Regina Verion was born in Wolfraven, Cimmeria, in 1634. Less than a year later, following the Verionist expulsion in the aftermath of the highly controversial 1635 Elwynnese elections and their recount in Cimmeria, she and her family moved to ...., where she stayed until the Auspicious Occasion of 1651. Having no memories of her native land, she settled as a seventeen-year-old in Cimmeria again, taking her employ in her aunt's service. In 1655, she met the Elw nobleman and businessman, Nebuchadnezzar Buvonzake, of Fieldburg, whom she married five years later, in 1660, when she discovered her accidental pregnancy. A son, Isor Nebuchadnezzarion Verion, was born in Cromswind, a three months later, on 11.V.1660 They family stayed here for less than two months before Nebuchadnezzar Buvonzake was killed the early days of the Elwynnese Civil War. Regina and her son fled to Chryste.

In Chryste, Regina immediately became Governor-Representative of the Iron Company. She held this position until 1669, when she was given by Kaiser Ayreon IV the landed title of Countess of Elsenar. She held until the Kalirion Fracture in 1671 when the Verionists sided with the "wrong" successor. She is became the Princess of Valarion, capital territory of Gran Verionia in 1677. In 1682, she married Fernando del Asturia y Vallejo of the State of Valentia. The following year, their son Prince Juan Enrique was born.

Regina Verion was elected the President of the Council of Government in 1682, making her effectively the most influential politician in the nation.

Previously, Regina Verion served as Viceroy of Verionist Benacia and held the titles of High Countess of the Skyla Isles, High Earl of Elsenar and Princess of the Republic.