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Cromswind (Elw: Ерессеосуэљ, Eresseosuyll, "lone island"), is a Cimmerian island. Cromswind is the Cimmerian island furthest to the east. Politically, it is part of Cimmeria in the Elwynnese Republic, specifically in the Congressional Counties. The island has two main towns: Lewisheim (Elw: Леуисхейм, Leuishejm) in the west, and Minas Valhalla (Elw: Минас Валхалла) in the east. The island is famous for its People's Academy college at Minas Valhalla, Lewis College, which is considered among the best colleges in Elwynn for economics.

The population of the island is, as of 1679, 34,200 inhabitants. Cimmerian is the sole official language of the island.

Following the conclusion of the Second Elwynnese Civil War in 1696, the island became part of the Free Elwynnese Republic.