1635 Assembly of the Twelve Peoples elections

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Elections for the Assembly of the Twelve Peoples of Elwynn were held across Elwynn in 1635. These were the first all-Elwynnese elections since the 1619 Elwynnese congress elections.


Royal Precinct Population Size Seats in the Assembly of the Twelve Peoples
Agnesia and Wintergleam 24,669,339 50
Alalehzamin and Utasia 69,637,816 140
Amokolia 48,265,171 96
Araxion 16,671,870 34
Arietta 8,360,025 16
Cape Farewell 15,779,218 32
Eliria 22,249,733 44
Illumination and Cimmeria 12,108,008 24
Íseirdia-la-Vraulalennir 24,654,028 50
Jorvik 4,812,154 10
Lady Esther Isles 2,219,377 4
Raikoth 7,101,513 16
Seven Ports 22,668,378 46


Elections were held by various electoral methods across Elwynn. Each royal precinct decided on its own method of election, and there is much doubt that the results were representative of the people's actual will. For example, the Nationalist and Humanist Party, which dominated bailiwick governments across Alalehzamin and Utasia, only received a fraction of these counties' delegation to the Royal Parliament. However, in a surprise twist in the election, the pro-regime Royal Union and its allied parties, Elfinshi Fury and Coalition of Absentian Farmers, failed to receive a majority in the Assembly. As such, parliamentary business in the lower house was dominated by an informal coalition of the other parties, calling themselves "His Riverine Majesty's Loyal Opposition". It is believed that these results convinced the King not to hold any more elections to the Assembly.


Initially, the 24 seats for Cimmeria and Illumination were announced to be all filled by the Holy Party of the Divine Icebear, but the King ordered a recount on the matter which caused much upheaval in Cimmeria and Illumination.

Amokolian Freedom Front 8
Ayreonist Independence Party 144
Coalition of Absentian Farmers 18
Communist Party of Elwynn (Cgulianist) 2
Communist Party of Elwynn (Reformed) 3
Democratic Alliance 47
Elfinshi Fury 29
Elwynnese Workers' Party 22
Holy Party of the Divine Icebear 43
Nationalist and Humanist Party 81
Royal Union 163