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Democratic Alliance

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The Democratic Alliance is a political movement and loose coalition of Constancian individuals and organizations advocating for constitutionalism, civil and human rights, self-determination, universal suffrage and democratic reforms in the Imperial State of Constancia. It is headquartered in Punta Santiago, Alduria.


  • Artists for a Free Constancia
  • Constancian Civic Action Committee
  • Constancian Civil Liberties Union
  • Constancians for Media Freedom
  • Constancian Rights Watch
  • Congress of Constancian Citizens
  • Crusaders for Justice and Peace
  • Free Constancian Youth
  • Green Constancia Advocates
  • Jurists for the Rule of Constancian Law
  • Secular Society

Notable incidents

  • 10.XII.1679: Law enforcement in Punta Santiago contacted after locally hired secretary received an envelope containing a live bullet posted to her home address. Forensic tests proved to be inconclusive.