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The Ayreonist Independence Party (AIP) is an Elwynnese Ayreonist, progressive, and historically republican and pro-independence party (for Elwynn). Generally pragmatic and socially liberal. Houses a sizeable libertarian wing. Popular with people with academic education with Elw, Tapferite and Farewellish ethnicity, especially in northern Elwynn and Eliria. Since the 1696, generally only active in Cimmeria and Raikoth, though clandestine chapters exist throughout the rest of Elwynn.

Founded in 1603 by Jack Lewis after Elwynn's annexation to Shireroth. In elections across Elwynn, the party regularly achieved vote shares between 10 and 25%. Formed the main opposition party during Vanic State. After the Auspicious Occasion, it formed a coalition government with the Nationalist and Humanist Party, lasting 1651–1658. After the N&H switched to the Verionist Union as their preferred coalition partner during the Elwynnese elections 1658, the Ayreonist Independence Party formed a minority government in Elwynn, with the support of smaller parties. However, due to the disastrous handling of government by Prince Aldin and the AIP, with large economic problems, Elwynn soon became involved in a large-scale civil war between various fractions. Ultimately, the war ended with imperial mediation and a frail power-sharing government took power. After the N&H left this government and the Elwynnese princess Eki Verion was un-nobled by the Kaiser, the AIP was seen as complacent and deemed by the Elwynnese people to be responsible for the partition of Elwynn that occurred in 1665.

The party tried rebranding itself the Ayreonist Party (with a sister party, officially separate from the main party, "Northern Ayreonist Party", in the Northern Realm) and decided not to contest the 1665 Adelsraad and Folksraad elections out of fear of not being elected. Despite that, the Steward appointed two members of the Ayreonist party to his ministerial government in 1665 as part of widening the progressive agenda.

In the party congress of IX.1666, the Party decided to rename itself the Elianist People's Party (EPP), contest elections outside the historical Elwynnese homeland, to remove its republican and Elwynnese independentist parts of its constitution. The EPP folded after three-quarters of the old AIP party decided to return to the AIP name in 1671 and the newly founded revolutionary Elwynnese Popular Front (EPF). After Elwynnese statehood was restored in 1672, the Ayreonist Independence Party joined the National Vanguard coalition with the Verionist Union and the Elwynnese Workers' Party, of which it was part for a while, until it allied itself with the Democratic Party of Elwynn, the Nationalist & Humanist Party and the Amokolian People's Party to run the coalition government in Congressional Elwynn.

The flag of the AIP is a rainbow flag.

The party was officially dissolved in 1681 by executive order of Prince Frederik Haabye Truls. Its assets were nationalized by the state. Prominent party members were arrested and detained. The party continues to exist clandestinely, and was legalised by the government of Free Elwynn in 1696, where it continues to act politically.