National Vanguard of Elwynn

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National Vanguard of Elwynn
Leader Coordinating Triumvate
President Stephen Lewis
Founded 1672
Headquarters Eliria
Ideology Nationalism, Social Democracy
factions include:

The National Vanguard of Elwynn was a political alliance between three major parties of the Elwynnese Republic. The Vanguard was formed after the renewed independence of Elwynn following the Kalirion Fracture.

Member Parties and Ideology

The aim of the National Vanguard was to achieve a "stable, secure and independent Elwynnese Republic". The movement is a broad church, but is based on three pillars: Nationalism, Suppression of separatist movements and Economic Prosperity for all citizens. The Vanguard considered itself a spiritual successor to the Elwynnese Popular Front.

The parties united in the National Vanguard are:

Of the three parties that formed the National Vanguard in 1672 only one, the Elwynnese Worker's Party, remained a lawful political entity by 1686.