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Alexandros Kriezis

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Alexandros Kriezis
Physical information
Species Human
Race Euran
Gender Male
Hair color and style Black
Eye color xxx
Skin color xxx
Biographical information
Constancia Constancia

Trans-Euran Command

  • Constancia Imperial Constancian Army
Years of service

  • Constancia Minister for Civil Defense 1667-

Alexandros Kriezis was the first Minister for Civil Defense of the Imperial State of Constancia, and served from 13.X.1667 - 12.I.1686. He was appointed Chief Fire Marshal of the Imperial Constancian Fire Service in 1687. In 1689, he resigned from the Imperial Constancian Fire Service after he was appointed to the Council of Petronium, but superintended and maintained close oversight over the establishment and daily operations of the Imperial Constancian Fire Service in Petronium and surrounding areas.