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Nation: Constancia
Predominant language: Babkhi

Main roads:
Major districts:

Current mayor:
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Petronium is a settlement located within the Prosgeiosi Basileus. Constituted by Letters Patent of the Autokrator of Constancia bearing date 15.X.1689, it is administered by Governor Orestis Kouratos, who is vested with plenipotentiary powers, and he is advised by the Council of Petronium, composed of Tukulti-Apil Zsharra Mawuli, Konstantin Moudros, Alexandros Kriezis, Cifras Kuroumboulis and Mirrita Panagopoulou. It is the owner and operator of the Petronium Coal Corporation.

Construction of an industrial port began almost immediately, followed by the necessary infrastructure for petroleum import and export, as well as a master-planned city and community needed to support all these functions. Immigrants from elsewhere in the Imperial State also attempted to flock to this new land of employment opportunities, but were turned away at the newly-established city limits, resulting in a shantytown. In 1690, having heard of these developments, the Imperial Constancian Government began efforts to begin better settlement, resulting in the destruction of the burgeoning shantytown and the construction of a highway and railway eastward, as well as a wastewater treatment plant, and appropriate power, water, and sewer facilities.

In 1695, construction of a coal power plant began, in order to complement the nearby heavy fuel oil power plant that has been operational since the beginning.