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Physical information
Species Human
Race Euran
Gender Female
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color xxx
Skin color xxx
Biographical information
Constancia Constancia
Natopia Natopia

Trans-Euran Command

  • Constancia Imperial Constancian Army
Years of service

  • Constancia Commissioner, Constitutional Commission 1676-
  • Constancia Imperial Senator, 3rd Imperial Synkletos 1674-
  • Constancia Imperial Senator, 2nd Imperial Synkletos 1671-
  • Constancia Imperial Senator, 1st Imperial Synkletos 1667-
  • ConstanciaConstancia Ambassador to Natopia 1653-
  • ConstanciaConstancia Minister for Youth and Women 1653-
  • Natopia Frenzy Representative from Klaasiya 1650-
  • Natopia Countess of Western Egale 1636-
  • Natopia Assembly of Counts of Egale 1637-
  • Natopia Chamberlain of State 1637-1638
  • ConstanciaConstancia Princess of Constancia 1613-

Olympia was Basilinna (βασιλίννα) of the Imperial State of Constancia.

She was an Imperial Senator and was Minister for Youth and Women, and also served as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Imperial State of Constancia to the Bovic Empire of the Natopian Nation.

She is also Princess of Nivardom. Her State Protection Authority codename is Amaranthine.

She is unmarried and has no natural heirs. She has a younger sister, Princess Delphine, who is an invalid.

Early Life

Heiress Apparent


Her Imperial Majesty's reign began at 1:17 a.m., Phoinikaios 9, 1688 (9.I.1688), upon the demise of her father, Basileus Petros III, and concluded upon effectivity of her public abdication at 9:12 a.m., Phoinikaios 14, 1704 (14.I.1704), before the opening session of the 11th Imperial Synkletos at Petropolis. Upon her abdication, she resumed her role as Princess of Nivardom, but took time off to vacation in Hurmu, Natopia, and Nouvelle Alexandrie. She was succeeded by Basileus Giakoumis, the former Autokrator of Constancia, the Prince of Molivadia. She is still accorded a full security and protection detail from the Basileusan Guard and the State Protection Authority since her accession as Basilinna, and now possesses a diplomatic passport of the Imperial State of Constancia.

During her reign, imperial staters were struck depicting her idealised likeness under her temple name of Berenice.

At her eventual demise she will be accorded divine honours by all lawful religious communities of Constancia, with all subjects and citizens expected to offer sacrifice to her shade, on pain of being offered as sacrifice themselves if they neglect the obligations of pious duty.

Titles, Styles, Honors, and Arms