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Petros III

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Petros III
Petros III.jpg
Father Name
Mother Name
Spouse Cleo
Issue Olympia
Born 23.IX.1595
Place, Free and Associative Kingdom of Constancia

Petros III was Basileus of the Free and Associative Kingdom, and later the Imperial State of Constancia, until his death in 1688 AN. His State Protection Authority codename was Sigil.

Early reign

Euran War

Second Euran War

Declining Health and Death

Perenially plagued by respiratory problems, the Basileus succumbed at 1:17 a.m., Phoinikaios 9, 1688.

International Reaction

  • Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua: The government of the Alduro-Wechua Federation announced a period of mourning for the passing of His Majesty Petros III. King Manco Cápac and the Council of State issued statements of condolences. The King paid a visit to the Constancian embassy in Parap and signed the condolence book.
  • Elwynn Elwynn: In a statement, the Elwynnese State offered, "...its sincere condolences on the passing of His Majesty Petros III. His Majesty's dedication to duty and to his country was essential in ensuring the survival of Constancia in the face of unprovoked Jingdaoese aggression. His legacy shall be the survival of an entire realm and the regeneration of the Euran continent."
  • Graecia Graecia: The Premier of the People's Republic of Graecia offered his condolences through a private communique given to the Imperial Constancian Mission to the Micras Treaty Organization.
  • The Hexarchy The Hexarchy: The Government of The Hexarchy, said, in a statement: "Our deepest condolences for your peoples' most grievous loss."
  • Natopia Natopia: Emperor Nathan II issued a proclamation declaring one month period of mourning and directing all Natopian government buildings and embassies to fly the Black Imperial Flag.