Grandbay Peace Accords

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Grandbay Peace Accords
Signed December 15, 2018
Signatories See below

Kkhahk.png KKHAHK
Palesmenia Palesmenia

Nídobhá's Wolves 5th of October Army Paramilitaries

The Grandbay Peace Accords, officially titled the Agreement on Ending the War and Restoring Peace in Palesmenia, was a peace treaty signed on 15 December 2018 in Grandbay, Krasnocoria, to establish peace in Palesmenia and end The Canopy Offensive. The treaty included Government of Palesmenia, the KKHAHK and two pro-Akhman paramilitaries, Nídobhá's Wolves and 5th of October Army.


  • Nasser I Akhman, Émprassi of Palesmenia, Supreme Commander of Palesmenian Armed Forces
  • Sein Win Htet, Commander of Palesmenijnamaksba forces of the South
  • Bo Wai Zeyar, Chairman of the KKHAHK, leader of KKHAHK Southern League Forces.
  • Brzi Jokleðe, Commander of Nídobhá's Wolves Palesmenia
  • Neđo Borisov, Commander of 5th of October Army International Branch