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Nation: Krasnocoria Krasnocoria
Population (2018): 1,634,652 (City)
2,423,515 (District)
Predominant language: Krasnocorian

Grandbay is the largest city in Kingdom of Coria and capital of Krasnocoria. The City of Grandbay has a population of 1.63 million, while 2.42 million people live within the Grandbay District.


The city is divided into 26 municipalities, 10 of which are urban and 16 suburban.

Municipality Classification Population (2018) Municipality Classification Population (2018)
Aleksandrovac suburban Jakovo suburban
Antikan urban Januševo suburban
Anđelovac suburban Kanserica urban
Barajevo suburban Kekarevo urban
Bogatovo suburban Kovinovo suburban
Boriš suburban Kraljevac urban
Dankovo suburban Lajkovac suburban
Dobrijevo suburban Nibovo suburban
Elmaovica urban Nikolajevo urban
Glog suburban Palanka suburban
Gopnica urban Paserina urban
Gradište suburban Rakijevo urban
Ivanovo suburban Vučevo urban


According to 2018 census, the city has a population of 1,634,652, while the district has a population of 2,423,515. Grandbay is home to many ethnicites, but inhabitants are in majority Corians, Šlovedks and Anticans. The religion in Grandbay is made up from Corian Orthodox Church, Šlovedk and Antican Roman Catholic Churches and smaller Islam communities.


Grandbay has an extensive public transport system based on buses (216 lines, 14 rapid), trams (26 lines) and metro (4 lines). Buses connect suburbs with urban areas where the trams and rapid buses lead to the city center.

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